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West Coast Nopi Drift Qualifier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • West Coast Nopi Drift Qualifier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you always wanted to compete nationally and become a licensed driver? Well here is your chance!

    Turn Style Drift, Ksport USA, Densetsu Motorsports and Intense Motorsports will be hosting the 2008 Nopi Drift Qualifier in the South West!

    Our track layouts are usually laid out for all skill levels from beginner to advanced, expect this course to be very technical and high speed! Watch the Best of the Best battle it out for Nopi Licenses.


    Saturday, March 22nd
    Tech/Registration: 7:00 AM
    Gates Open: 8:00 AM
    Event Ends: 5:00PM

    NOPI Judges:
    Matt Petty
    Ryan Hampton
    And More!

    P1 Kart Circuit
    11800 S Harrison Road
    Tucson, AZ 85747

    Registration Info:
    $125.00 for drifting and licensing
    (Special Discounted Rates apply for out of state residents, please email for details)
    $5.00 for All Spectators

    On Site Drift Registration: (If Applicable)

    Payment Info:
    Pay at Densetsu Motorsports in Tucson

    Contact Info:
    Email: events @


    Densetsu Motorsports:
    Office: 520-573-7246
    3820 S. Palo Verde #106
    Tucson, Arizona, 85714

    Store Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm
    Saturday - 10am - 4pm
    Sunday - Closed

    Special thanks to our sponsors..Ksport USA, Densetsu Motorsports, Intense Motorsports, and Kaaz USA!!!!

    "Its going to be a LONG day and a chance a pro license. there is no set number of licenses to give out, we might give out 0, 1, or 4,932. things to expect to have to do to get a close to clips -must maintain drift whole course (spin or straighten will not allow you a license) We plan on setting up the course at start of the day and giving you all day to practice it. Aiming for 10 runs a person before you qualify. We want to give everyone as best a shot as possible. Qualifying for a license will be 2 or 3 judged runs (we will know the day of) and the exact requirements or score you must get will be decided before then as well. THE ONLY RUNS THAT REALLY MATTER ARE QUALIFYING. When we enter qualifying portion of the event, it doesn't matter if you d1 style killed the course on every practice run, if you can't do it during qualifying then sorry. same goes for if the person doesn't get the course all day and throws down a good one during qualifying. If they meet requirements and its on the qualifying run, then they get a license." - Judge Jason "Box Mod" Jiovani

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    how close is Tucson to Salt Lake City?


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      Close enough for you to come out and qualify for a nopi license


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        Its about a ten hour drive.


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          thats not too bad for all you hardcore guys out there!


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            Originally posted by gigglesnirt View Post
            Its about a ten hour drive.
            we made a 42 hour drive to go to laughlin in 06 sooo yeah 10's not so bad


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              Originally posted by TurnStyleDrift View Post
              Close enough for you to come out and qualify for a nopi license
              heh.... I'll get right on that

              Originally posted by Piner View Post
              we made a 42 hour drive to go to laughlin in 06 sooo yeah 10's not so bad
              the difference is that 4 of the 7 FD events are within 10 hours of Laughlin.


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                Originally posted by Piner View Post
                we made a 42 hour drive to go to laughlin in 06 sooo yeah 10's not so bad
                Oh i know i spent about 40 hours total in the back of a dodge pickup half cab going across the country. After something like that taking weekend trips to california is nothing. I would probably head down to the nopi qualifiers just to watch atleast but i'm a little busy at the moment.

                and slapshotnerd you live in slc? or just stopping by for business of some sort? if you live here check out we'll be having some consistent local events soon.


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                  Well it turns out i might just be going to this. Friend called me tonight and was saying he knows one of the guy's putting this together, decided he'll make the trip and i will help him out if i can. I may even just get my car ready and decide to make it down in the miata. What is the tech requirement for a soft top vehicle? I'm working on getting a rollbar in the next couple weeks but if i need a cage i'll be out of luck to be able to drive.


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                    TECH RULES:

                    1. Long pants and closed toed shoes required
                    2. No tank tops
                    3. SA2000 or newer helmet.

                    Tech inspection:
                    1. All lug nuts and studs present and working
                    2. Battery securely mounted; in approved battery box and vented if in cabin
                    3. All bearings, ball joints, bushings must be in proper working order. Worn items with excess play will not be allowed.
                    4. Braking systems must be in good working order. Cracked/leaking brake lines, master cylinders or seized calipers or pads with no meat on them will not be allowed
                    5. Windshield must be present, no excess cracking allowed.
                    6. Windows (if applicable) must be able to be in the down position while on track
                    7. Headlights, Brake lights, and Emergency lights must be in working order
                    8. Seat belts must be in working order. Harnesses must be mounted properly at correct angle in compliance with manufacturers specs.
                    9. All loose items must be removed from cabin
                    10. All items in engine bay must be properly bolted down and secure.
                    11. Tires must not show any chord. If Metal Chord is showing you will be asked to replace your tires.
                    12. Filming equipment must be bolted down and secure.
                    13. Car must not leak any fluid of any kind

                    Cage Requirements:
                    1. Cages are not required
                    2. Convertible vehicles are required to have a 4 point roll bar
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                      anyone have a big trailer with room in it


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                        Alright thank you, i'll do my best to make it down and if not driving i will atleast be helping out.


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                          Hey guys here is the final version of our flyer. Feel free to whore it out as much as you want!


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                            Still time to sign up guys! Still have some spots left