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04.19.2009 [practice/competition] SP - Jefferson Circuit

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  • 04.19.2009 [practice/competition] SP - Jefferson Circuit

    2009 Lookout Lottery #2
    a So-Rad Series Event
    Sunday, April 19th, 2009
    at Jefferson Circuit - Summit Point Raceway
    Summit Point Motorsports Park
    PO Box 190, Summit Point, WV 25446

    Admission for spectators is $10.

    Practice sessions will incorporate the entire use of the Jefferson Circuit and competition rounds will take place only in designated turns. The competition format will be a double elimination bracket design which will progress down the ladder until a winner is declared.

    Competition rounds will be judged by a 3-member panel for this event. Judges to be announced shorty. Judged criteria includes; entry speed into the turns, overall speed carried throughout the judged portion of the run, drift angle (the bigger, the better – without sacrificing speed), clipping points (apex of the turns), use of the entire track (performed in a controlled manner). Extra points can be awarded to drivers at the discretion of the individual judges and may include, but are not limited to, close proximity to barriers, amount of tire smoke, tire smoke that causes a change in the following driver’s line, and if minor contact is made with an object, but the drift is still maintained (i.e. bumper gently tagging a barrier).

    Drivers meetings are mandatory for ALL participants in order to drive on track for that session. Attendance will be taken and failure to attend will forfeit your right to participate in that session. Grounds speed limit is 10 mph and paddock speed limit is 5mph, both will be strictly enforced. Event is held rain or shine.

    Pre-registration for the competition portion of this event is only $25*. In order to compete you must still register with Summit Point, the fee for them is $125 for the Jefferson Circuit only or $150 for the Jefferson Circuit and the Washington Circuit. *Note: this is in addition to the track's fees. For example, the total amount you will spend is either $150 ($25 competition and $125 JC) or $175 ($25 competition and $150 for JC and WC).

    Pre-registration deadline for the competition is 11:59PM on Friday, April 17th, 2009. Click here to register (note: although it is on the NASA site, you do not need to be a member in order to participate in this event. You may however need to create an account on their website).

    Pre-registration for the track can be found here, or you may register in person on the day of the event.

    Event day registration for the competition is available and will be $50 ($25 penalty), there is no late fee penalty for the track's registration.

    Practice will take place for majority of the day. At 12:45PM, we will hold a lottery for all the drivers interested in the competition portion (provided they meet all safety and vehicle requirements and registered). This format will allow us to have more track time in the practice sessions, versus holding single elimination qualifying rounds for approx. 2 hours. The drivers meeting the safety criteria will be entered in a drawing in which they will be randomly paired with their competition. No one will be left out, we have brackets to accommodate 16 to 60 drivers in a double elimination format. The beauty of this format is that it will allow for more tandem action and less time spent for single car qualifying runs. Also, this format eliminates the need for a consolation match (which technically already utilizes a double elimination format in the single elimination format). Statistically, the better drivers should generally end up in the final rounds more frequently than in a single elimination tournament where occasionally match ups determined by bad qualifying runs may place the two best drivers against each other in the first round. As a result, the driver who loses in that first round has the chance to work their way back to the top in the losers bracket.

    The drivers from each event will be awarded points and at the end of 3-4 event series, the top 8 or so drivers from this series will be invited to compete against several other organizations located on the Eastern half of the country later this year to compete. The final event will have both tandem and team drift competitions that will take place over the course of 2 full days. Please visit So-Rad for more information.

    7:00AM - Gates Open
    8:30AM - Registration/Technical Inspections
    9:30AM - Practice Session
    12:00PM - Lunch Hour
    12:45PM - Lottery Drawing
    1:00PM - Competition
    3:00PM - Practice Session (may be earlier pending completion of competition)
    5:00PM - Award Ceremony

    Volunteers interested in helping out with this event, please email All volunteers must be 18+ years old.
    Sponsorship inquiries for this event should be directed to or call 804-545-2822.

    Summit Point Motorsports Park
    PO Box 190, Summit Point, WV 25446
    Phone: 304-725-8444