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  • aaronlosey

    Go look at some of the rad photos of the event that are up. Sy put up his rad directories for you to gawk at : )

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  • aaronlosey
    Russell’s STI debut... kinda....
    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    Here is a second post. *Censored* *Censored*


    *Censored* *Censored*Ok STI time! *Censored*I think a lot of people have been excited waiting for this car to get finished, if only because it isn’t another 240SX. *Censored*It has been about a year in the making, but it is turning out really nicely. *Censored*The car was basically done in this test, but it wasn’t running. *Censored*Everything was there except fluids. *Censored*So we won’t have a dyno sheet for this, but everything else was done. *Censored*First of all there was a lot of attention to detail that went into this car, and a ton of work from numerous people. *Censored*Russell obviously did a mountain of work on this thing, but it is a show case of awesome fab work from people like Derrick Rogers with the awesome cage, and Collin from Toxic Fab with the sweet catch cans and stuff. *Censored*I even heard Collin might build a titanium turbo manifold for it! *Censored*

    *Censored* *Censored*So what actually makes this car what it is, and why is it going to drift? *Censored*Well first it uses a 2.5 liter STI motor mated to an STI 6 speed tranny. *Censored*That moves back through a driveshaft where it meets a new face, an R200. *Censored*The R180s in these cars are way too weak for anything close to RWD clutch kicking, so it was tossed and an R200 went on in. *Censored*The motor, while stock internals, was treated to a GT35R sized turbo, all the trimmings, and a really sweet catch can setup. *Censored*The suspension has a some sweet remote reservoir Stance coilovers, the wheels are his old Advans, the paint is pretty, and the cage is all rally car looking. *Censored*Oh, and he put front wheel tubs in it to confuse the drag racers. *Censored*The one concern with the drivetrain is his crazy gearing with the stock 6 speed and 4.3 rear end gear. *Censored*This thing is going to be like Kumakubo without a sequential tranny! *Censored*

    *Censored* *Censored*So what did it dyno? *Censored*It didn’t. *Censored*It wasn’t running yet. *Censored*Russell is planning to run just over 400 whp I believe since the motor is stock at this point. *Censored*

    *Censored* *Censored*The STI weighed much less than I thought it would, at 2597 lbs, but that was dry. *Censored*Add about 100 lbs for fluids bringing it in at right about 2700 even, or about Texas LS1 S13 weight. *Censored*Should be aweome to drive on good rubber! *Censored* *Censored*Front weight distribution was the most front heavy out of all the cars there, at 59 % front. *Censored* Adding weight for fuel I figure the car will come down to right in the 57 point something range, probably still leaving it just barely in the lead.

    *Censored* *Censored*Steering angle? *Censored*43.7 degrees, tying it for the least amount of angle. *Censored*The knuckles are cut and shortened, but this started out as a AWD car and had front axle shafts, so they aren’t designed for big steering angle stock. *Censored*43.7 by the way is stock S chassis steering angle. *Censored*Russell says he is going to go get more aggressive with this after seeing the numbers, so it will be interesting to see how much he gains.

    *Censored* *Censored*All in all I’m excited to see the car run. *Censored*Russell was getting really good at the end of last season, and very aggressive in his S13. *Censored*Will he retain that aggression with a fancy new car? *Censored*I hope so! *Censored*He has the help of some sweet companies like Stance USA, Falken, and Boost Logic so hopefully he feels pressure to drive like a madman to keep them happy! *Censored*It will also be interesting to see how well Subaru suspensions create grip and accelerate this around. *Censored*

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  • aaronlosey
    Here is a primer for our Texas series to get everyone ready. *Censored*We are doing posts on most of the cars running the series to get people excited!

    Bradís AE86
    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    *Censored* First off, big thanks to POWER FAB AUTOMOTIVE in Houston, TX. *Censored*They were kind enough to let us use their facilities for the day, and they are currently supporting Stewart Leask in his V8 S13! *Censored*Thanks guys! *Censored*They do all kinds of awesome fab work and dyno tuning for imports and domestics alike. *Censored*


    *Censored* *Censored*We finally did something I have been meaning to do for quite some time over at Fabricated Motorsports. *Censored*I have been saying we should get as many Texas drift cars together and get real data together on them, and that others like Formula D should as well. *Censored*It would be interesting to see how much all these drift cars really put down to the ground, how much they weigh, and how much steering angle they have. *Censored*Iím curious about their overall build types too, and the differences between them, but lets start with the easy to measure stuff! *Censored*Lately we have had an explosion of V8 cars, even AE86s arenít immune. *Censored*So what is the difference between a 4AG AE86 and a 1UZ AE86? *Censored*We found out! *Censored*

    *Censored* *Censored*I am going to release this data in a few posts to make things a bit more digestible. *Censored*I also in no way want to make people think one type of car is obviously better than the others. *Censored*There are things we didnít test for which are so important, such as the beautiful 1JZ sound, actual acceleration numbers, etc. *Censored*I plan to get some of these in the future, but this was a simple test to get things started. *Censored*Also, remember drifting is all about fun, and you donít need the latest and greatest car to go have fun, and in fact, often that is a large hinderance to performance. *Censored*Having a car you can wreck into walls and destroy is often a more competitive car than the one that is too special to hurt, even at half the hp.

    *Censored* *Censored*So, on to Brads little Rolla. *Censored*I remember when this car used to belong to Bill way back in the day. *Censored*It was a super nice and capable car back then, and it has only gotten better with time. *Censored*Brad took the NA 4AG pretty far, and was making good power and making crazy noise, but I think he caught the V8 bug just like the rest of us. *Censored*First of all, it should be said the V8 bug isnít always about having lots of power, it is all about not having to work on a fussy 4 banger anymore! *Censored*I donít think everyone always understands this, when you get a V8 right, you never open the hood, you just drive! *Censored*Anyways, that V8 gives him the ability to have usable torque anywhere from just after idle, all the way up to 7K rpm. *Censored*A typical 4AG makes no real tq, but has to stay about 5K to stay in drift. *Censored*That is the same with a turbo, big cams, whatever. *Censored*This little monster is completely different. *Censored*After the V8 swap the car weighs 2337 lbs, which appears to have added around 300 lbs to the car over the equivalent stock motor car. *Censored*We are arriving at these numbers by looking at the other AE86s we weighed in the same day, on the same scales, with similar levels of stripped interior, cage, etc. *Censored*One conclusion we can draw from this is the V8 AE86 weighs about 100 lbs less than a stripped out S13 with an SR20 in race shape. *Censored*Kinda interesting. *Censored*It was also interesting that this car was the almost the most nose heavy car of all our group, which isnít necessarily a bad thing, but an interesting thing. *Censored*It had a front weight distribution of 57%. *Censored*However under further inspection of the other AE86s, this is only 1% more front heavy than a 4AG car, so although it is fairly front heavy, it isnít really more so than it started off, so you canít blame this on the V8 swap. *Censored*The lowest front weight % of any of our cars was 53.8, and the highest was 59. *Censored*All the cars fit nicely in a 6 % spread, which was smaller than I thought it would be.

    *Censored* *Censored*On to the angle. *Censored*The car has 48 degrees of steering angle. *Censored*Pretty simple statistic there, and that puts it mid pack. *Censored*The more angle the steering of the car has, theoretically the more angle it can hold in drift, and as a plus, the less you spin out LOL. *Censored*Steering angle is rad, and once you have big steering angle, you donít want to go back! *Censored*Big steering angle in this test was 55 degrees or more. *Censored*

    *Censored* *Censored*So in conclusion this little V8 car has power on demand anywhere in its power band, runs super smooth and like stock all the time, looks great, and drifts well. *Censored*I would love to hear it with some sweet headers, and not really anything else needs to be added. *Censored*Anything else might detract from the car as it sits now. *Censored*While 227 whp might not seem like a lot of power for a V8, this is a lot of usable power for an AE86, and if he ever gets the itch a set of cams and headers with a tune would make even more usable power! *Censored*AWESOME CAR BRAD!

    Dyno Sheet here : )

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  • aaronlosey
    started a topic "THE ( TEXAS DRIFT ) SERIES" Round one.

    "THE ( TEXAS DRIFT ) SERIES" Round one.

    I proudly present to you ROUND ONE of the 2011 Lone Star Drift Series which is being held in conjunction with the Non Stop Tuning Anniversary car show. *Censored*2010 was good, but in 2011 we are turning the volume knob to 11! *Censored*Bigger prize money, new cars, big finale prizes, awesome tandem, a few surprises, and fun. *Censored*So come be a part of the action, bring a helmet and ride along in the drift cars and cheer for your favorite drivers. *Censored*Home town heros will compete at this event for over $2000 dollars of prize money and bragging rights. *Censored*

    Gates open at 8 am for drivers, and spectators should arrive around 10 am, with the competition starting at 2:30 pm.

    Spectator fee is $10, to drift is $75. *Censored*For more information go to *Censored*All drifters must preregister by sending payment of $75 by paypal to *Censored*Include the 3% or press the personal transaction button. *Censored*Also include your name, contact and car info in the transaction info.

    For more info or to register for the car show go to


    1. *Censored*First of all, I'm not quite done with the flyer, or all the info yet. *Censored*However, we are a go. *Censored*A bunch of extra announcements will be made after the first week or two of January, about things such as a racer tire program with cheap good tires, racer clutch program, and other racer parts programs. *Censored*Many thousands will be printed and handed out, but I wanted to get something up before I leave town AGAIN for another week. *Censored*I haven't been in town much lately.

    2. *Censored*Cages will be required for tandem at this event. *Censored*Door bars and front down bars are required, so don't show up with a roll bar and claim it is a cage please. *Censored*Full six point cages with harness bars and door bars.

    3. *Censored*Payout will go all the way to 8th place, and everyone in payout will get at least $75 payout out of the purse which is over $2k at the moment. *Censored*Obviously the higher places will get MUCH more than that. *Censored*I am working on getting more prize money, most of it is out of my pocket at this time, but as I find more, the payout will go up.

    4. *Censored*This is a POINTS SERIES, so everyone gains points event by event. *Censored*At the end of the series there will be a prize of at least $1k for the points champion, along with yet to be announced prizes going all the way to 3rd place. *Censored*These prizes have to wait a few weeks to be announced. *Censored*They will be coveted items, more so than $1k.

    5. *Censored*There will be 4-5 events in the points series, and if you want to win the series, you need to collect them all.

    6. *Censored*This event will be held in the front lot of GGP, so it will be a bit different than your average GGP event.

    7. *Censored*Drivers who want to just come out and practice are welcome as well, you do not have to compete. *Censored*Open practice will be from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, and then again after the competition for as long as we have safe lighting.


    Here is the home thread for this info.