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  • (LIVE UPDATE) NASCAR vs D1GP Drifters

    Stands are filled and the event is about to

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    GTO taps the wall


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      keep it coming


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        No comp but a video will be online.


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          Originally posted by INFO
          No comp but a video will be online.
          no comp??


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            Event was more of a demo than a competition. Truthfully they should have had a competition format to make it more entertaining. I understand they didn't have the D1 judges at hand, but they could have used Toshi and Inadia Daijiro to make the calls. They had eight great drifters: Tanner, Sam, Gittin, Forsberg, Ueno, Yoshioka, Sakuma, and Nomuken. Rhys' car couldn't continue. They could easily have had a best of 8 exhibition. Even the nascar guys could have had attempted a best of 8. Then the winners of both could square off. Chris Cook was about the only nascar guy who was up to par with at least formula d.

            But in the end we got to see some drifting and it was for charity so I think it was a success. And a good initial attempt at a drifting fund raiser of sorts.


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              yeah they didnt run a comp they just kinda had a free for all style event all the nascar drivers would go then the D1 guys then they did a few tandem

              but i must say the best nascar driver was the guy rocking the quaker state s14 he did the whole bank mutipule times flawlessly!!! poor ryhs had car damage due to nascar guy hitting the wall possibly broke tie rod duna over all decent event but i think they needto change the pricing man 10 bux for parking then 20 to get in atleast cut parking in half!


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                ^^Yea it was more like demo/show then a comp.


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                  THIS is what XDL should have been, IMHO. It was a little short, but very action packed! and watching the nascar drivers get better and better every time they were out there was awesome!

                  Chris Cooke was in Robbie Nishida's S14, he was tearing it up! drifting the big bank like the big boys!

                  the simultanious donuts at the end by the US and J drivers was AWESOME!! Even the Nascar guys were pumped up!


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                    Well, here is my take on the event. I brought up the Falken FD from our shop, risen from the dead, with a straight frame and new aero on the whole back. Having NASCAR drivers in the car scared me at first thought, but after the end of the second day of practice, I wasn't quite as nervous and more excited to see them do well. I had Scott Wimmers and Casey Mears assigned to the car, and they were both really cool guys and very receptive to input from me on the cars setup, and pointers from all the D1 drivers. I had in the back of my mind that these guys might be all high and mighty (I mean come one, some of them arrived to the track in helicopters and landed on the drag strip) but they weren't like that at all. Every NASCAR guy I talked to was really down to earth, and really happy to be at the event and were all having a great time. They would get out of the cars after their runs, and other NASCAR guys would come over to them and they would talk with excitement like kids at Christmas. Scott had a little trouble figuring out the powerband in the FD, but Casey did really well, had good car control and found the sweet spot quickly. After all the NASCAR gys had run their runs, there was as little time left before the finale, so the D1 officials let them go out again. Robbie Gordon comes up to me asking to drive the FD. This was just after he plowed Rhys' GTO into the conctrete. I figure what the hell, and he hops right in. I give him the run down and he gets in line to do the infield (which is where the NASCAR guys were supposed to stay mostly unless they were comfortable enough to hit the bank) Robbie starts off his runs with a smoky burnout, into a 360 and then into the infield track. I'm thinking "OK buddy, slow it down just a bit" He goes through the infield pretty well. Not good lines or anything, but the car is in drift, smoke is good, and he is making good use of the rev limiter. He comes out around the final cone where they are supposed to let off, and get back into line to go again. Robbie proceeds to go from the rev limiter in 2nd, into 3rd straight at the bank. I can feel my heart stop about this point. I remember watching and saying "Where the hell is he going?" Within a second or so I know...he is clutch kicking it and drifting the bank. He makes the bank work and the crowd loved it. I was pretty stoked too. I don't know Robbie from NASCAR, I know of him in offroad racing. So to have him driving in the car was a really cool thing for me. Not only that, but Robbie got out of the FD eventually, and told Bill Elliot that Bill should pave some of his land so they could all buy some cars like this and have some fun. Funny thing was that Bill looked pretty sincere when he said that was a good idea

                    The crowd was really good. A really good mix of drifting fans and NASCAR fans. Scheduling was kinda chaos. I went with some mixed feelings on how it would turn out, but in the end it was probably one of the most fun events I have ever attended. I wouldn't be suprised to see another one of these events in the future. The guys from the NASCAR staff really like the event and said that we would all have to get together and do this again. Lots of mainstream media coverage was there as well. If they have another one of these I would for sure go.


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                      i had fun at this event. we shot a lot of footage and interviews w/ all the drivers including rhys reaction right after robbie gordon tapped the wall w/ the GTO.

                      the nascar guys were cool and some of them were really good considering the limited practice time.


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                        Thank you to everyone that showed up. the event was a huge success and we raised a lot of money for charity. the nascar guys had an absolute blast. they did pretty good as well. it was amazing to see the nascar guuys progress from spinning out on the infield course to doing full nice drifts on the big bank in the same event. chris cook did awesome in the quaker state car, he really has some skills. he plans on going full time drifting next year and also a handful of nascar races.

                        The drifters were all so cool and everyone got along so well. the nascar guys all want a drift car now and knowing them they will probably go out and buy one.

                        the event was great for the drift scene and the nascar scene equally. i think we have turned some nascar fans into drift fans and hopefully vice versus.

                        Thank you to falken for hooking up the cars. the team members were all cool guys and everyone just jumped in to help make this event kick *Censored**Censored**Censored*.

                        we will definitely do this again. thanks for the support and i will keep in touch. peace.


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                          Also I wanted to add that there was no Drift Charger! I really wanted to see this thing run, it seemed like a good time to run it and still no charger!

                          I wanted to see the 4door battle between the Charger and the Skyline.


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                            NBC right now (4:22pm west coast time) they are showing the drivers


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                              Im actually watching nascar and Kasey was leading.