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    (FREE D1GP TICKETS) Dec. 17 Event

    We have 10 tickets to give away.

    Just tell us why you are the biggest D1GP fan on this site.

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    D1 is the best and real professional drifting series in the world. It is the most exciting to watch and experience. Drivers are all funny *Censored**Censored**Censored* characters. Will not definitely miss this world championship.
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      i'm the biggest d1gp fan on this site...

      because, much like a child believes in santa claus, i still believe the judging is based solely on the drivers' performance.


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        WTH has judging on drivers' abilities to drift have anything to do with you deserving free tickets??!?!


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          Im the biggest drift fan! I even got the initial D tat!

          My friend also need one and he got the "drift racing" tat.
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            I'm the biggest fan because I've gone to every D1 USA event since 2003 and have entered in two driver searches at Irwindale and crashed my car and I'm still entering for this Dec. Fail, try try again!!! Not to mention each time I travel 2000 miles round trip to be there for the greatest drifting ever. Nice tat Al, see you at D1 mang!!!


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              I deserve them because I am Brian Harte and I am better than everyone else.


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                I should go because I can provide a interesting fact that has never really been brought up....

                All the times there has been a FD or D1 even at irwindale going clockwise a RHD car has only won once. And that was Rhys Millen back in 04

                D1 Irwindale
                03- RHD corrolla
                04- RHD S15
                05 -RHD S15
                06- RHD S15

                FD irwindale
                04- LHD GTO
                05-RHD S15
                06- RHD S13

                But too top it off... the only time the course was run clockwise in 05 a LHD car won

                LHD mustang!!!!


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                  Originally posted by Brian View Post
                  I deserve them because I am Brian Harte and I am better than everyone else.

                  the message you have entered is too short.


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                    if I don't get tickets to d1gp, i will get diahrrea


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                      I am a huge D1 fan, I eat rice and puke jdm.
                      wait, no I don't.


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                        Hey Versace, you know you already got tickets fool!


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                          Keep posting;

                          Favorite D1 Event? Why?
                          Favorite Driver? Why?
                          What are you looking forward to in December?

                          Proof that ohtagerbilhero is a true fan.


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                            Favorite D1 Event? Why?
                            2004 america vs jap
                            That course was so awesome and the day was so awesome, from sun up literally till sun down there was actions. Chris and Rhys were whooping on the Japanese, very high speed, nice cars in the car show section... then the party after that.... wow!!!

                            Favorite Driver? Why?
                            American, JR Gitten because he comes from a pure grassroot background and elevate to one of the bests in the sport withing only three or four years of driving. Pure natural talent, and he just a regular dude with a dream

                            Japanese, T Ueno because he competes just to compete. He sponsored by basically him self. And he started his business from the ground up and never forgets where he comes from (the streets).

                            What are you looking forward to in December?

                            The dudes from Aus and the UK, I want to see there skill and how they approach this course. We have all seen what the American and Japanese bring to the table, now its time for some new blood in the sport.

                            Forgot to include one of these!!!
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                              PM your first and last name so we can add you to the WILL CALL list.

                              Update; These are 2-Day General Tickets