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    Transmission and Engine ARE IN!!

    BY Eddie
    The team situated the VQ35 big boy stroker and Gforce transmision in the R35. The fitment is great, especially since the car was designed for a VR38 which is even bigger. We brought the engine as close to the firewall for good weight distribution and fabricated some solid engine mounts to keep the power going into the ground.

    The extra room in the engine bay will allow for a bigger turbo and even a larger diameter downpipe.

    Secret info, rear end is amazing but final product pics will be shown after completion on the rear end. Don't want to give away all our secrets, now do we?



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      Hankook GTR Information Release!

      by Steven Tran

      Hello everyone, my name is Steven Tran, I handle the Marketing / PR for Dynamic. After spending some time reading all the interesting rumors floating around the internet, I think itís about time we squash the rumors on the Drift GTR for next year.

      Letís start off with the first question thatís been floating around:

      What was the GTR we displayed at the SEMA Show?
      That GTR was strictly for Demo and Press purposes to announce our plans for the 2010 Formula Drift Season, it was basically created in order to visually announce the project and how the finished vehicle would potentially look. Instead of releasing a rendered photo of the potential finished car, we opted to take it a bit further and make a replica GTR in order to showcase what the final product will look like; it was our way to announce the project with a strong impact. During this time, the chassis we are using for competition was at our shop undergoing preparation and development for the upcoming season of Formula Drift. The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is traditionally used to release information regarding the projects for 2010, and many of the new projects for 2010 that attend the SEMA Show are projects in progress and not entirely finished.

      What motor will the GTR be using next year?
      Moment of truth for some of you, we are going to be running a special large stroked VQ mated with a G-Force 4-Speed Dog Box Transmission, specs on this motor will be released at a later time as R&D and testing gets finished. Currently the VR38 GTR Motor is still under development and we are currently working on developing the most advanced stroker system for that motor. Our power target for that motor is 1000+HP, so as developments on that motor progress we will keep you up to date. The VR38 platform is something we are considering to use in the future, but until we finish R&D and test the motor for competition we do not have an ETA when we will use the GTR VR38.

      Will the GTR be finished in time for Long Beach?
      We are on a set schedule and have been working diligently to finish the car, and everything is currently on schedule. We plan have the racing debut of the GTR at Long Beach, so unless some serious unforeseen situation occurs or an act of god, we will be in Long Beach with the GTR.

      If you are an Official Media Outlet and would like any information regarding the GTR, please feel free to give us a call at 949-457-1234 we'll gladly fill you in on any details of the project.

      -Steven @ Gruppe-S


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        Originally posted by Justin Banner View Post
        Wow, a guy with ONE POST talking a bit out of his britches. Blaze knows what he's talking about (most of the time, though I do disagree on him about the GT-R). So, to be honest with you, completely honest with you, a newbie or troll does not fair well in this forum when his first post is a rant about an ol' dog of
        My turn to Jump in...

        Blaze 1 does not know what hes talking about. My bet is that SCM whatever is either someone who's finally fed up with all the bashing that Blaze has done, or is a poster that is affiliated with a certain company/team that doesnt want their opinion to be reflected on the company/team they represent.

        Straight up...Blaze acts and talks like hes been in the industry. For years I have seen this dude talk smack about Eddies team(Dynamic/Hankook) or Falkens team (minus any DA affiliated drivers), and people, besides myself, are tired of his rants.

        GRANTED, like everyone that posts on here has an OPINION, and i cant knock blaze (or anyone) for having an opinion, but damn...seriously STFU and start your own team, or drive, if your soo unhappy with whats going on.

        Blaze and BANNER...I see your passion towards this motorsport. But before EITHER of you rant and rave about your opinions/ideas on anything related to this industry, PLEASE get your facts straight, and look at the issues from both sides of the table..not just your own.

        And PLEASE dont address your personal issues with certain teams on here. Cheer for your favs, but dont publicly bash the ones you dislike.

        im not gonna go into HISTORY/Archives and go back and forth on your rants/raves, but I hope that you will take what im saying...and think about it before you post ANYTHING on this forum. Just advice that i really think you should take.


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          Please note... I have never claimed or stated "facts" as if I was with or affiliated with any team, sanctioning body, or sponsor.

          I talk about how I see things in my perspective and that is it....

          I don't mean to toot my own horn but I have made a few predictions in this sport that have came true. Not because I'm in the pits with these teams or its competitors. I just call it how I see it. I have been around this sport for a while, while I don't drive as much as I would like and I no longer work for a company that is involved in the sport I'm not just a dude that is just out right saying screw a team just for the sake of it.

          My criticism for anyone on this forum has been based on the issue DRIFTING and that is it. I never knocked someones name, marital status, look, feel, taste, or anything that did not involve 4 wheels and a steering wheel or the sport of drifting as a whole. But still when someone is angry at me they bring up my age, gender, occupation, and my ethnicity (if you forgot just dig up the archives). Now can I ask, who's getting/gotten personal here?

          If the good folks at want me to stfu they have all the sources to PM, Email, or Call me (they have done it before it some cases but not in this one). Until then all I ask just like the teams have asked is stay professional. Let media be media, let the fans be the fans.

          Seriously, if I went on a nascar forum. And gave a statement saying why I didn't think Jimmie Johnson and the Lowes team couldn't win the championship in 2010. Do you think that Chad Knaus and Rick Hendrick would show up out of no where and tell me, little ol blaze1 to STFU and stay out of their business?

          Its surprising to see my little presence in the sport can bruise so many egos.

          With that being said, I'm sorry?
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            Uhh, I've been the one here that's been saying "Hey, it will get done." My concern is performance of the chassis that will have little starting development. I'm glad to see that the VQ will be used until the VR is further developed, however, it's the chassis that will need the development before LB. That is what makes or breaks a drift car, we all know that. It'd just be nice if the GT-R was on the ground and testing like the Camaro is right now.


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              Proof that I (blaze1) constantly go out of my way to "bash" Gruppe S.

              Robbie Nishida & Joon Maeng with Peak Performance & Hankook for 08 season !

              Hankook Tire/Gruppe S Drift 350Z Gets New Engine For FORMULA D IRWINDALE

              (VIDEO) HANKOOK DRIFT TEAM; Robbie Nishida, Eric O'Sullivan and Ryuji Miki

              (VIDEO) Formula Drift 2009 TEAM Hankook Tire

              I still watch both those videos like every week... really pumps me up.


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                Work in Progress: Custom Transmission Mounts & Wheel Fitment By Savini Wheels
                Posted by Gruppe S
                With the G-Force Dogbox Transmission Mated with our VQ sitting in the GTR, we are currently fabricating reinforced mounts to hold our 4-Speed in place. Currently its about half way done, just a few more reinforcement portions to make sure it can handle the pressures and high speeds of Drift and it will be ready. Made by one of our master techs, Adam Depner, its a sight to see in real life. More photos to come once its done.

                Coming into the shop a day ago, "I was scratching my head" as I saw this wheel, it looked like something out of "Back to the Future 2". Its actually a test wheel given to us by Savini Wheels that is used to test fitment and offset on our GTR with tires, for a Special Wheel thats currently in the works, but more on that later...

                You can check out some of the lightweight forged wheels available by Savini @


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                  rofl. i'd rock those wheels... not in public though.


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                    Transmission Mount Part 2: COMPLETED!
                    by Gruppe

                    Transmission Mount is complete! After putting on a couple more support arms, our custom transmission mount is finished and on the GTR mating our G-Force 4-Speed Dog Box solidly on our chassis. This solid piece of welded metal is a piece of art for sure and seeing it in real life is a lot more bad *Censored**Censored**Censored* than these photos. Pictured below is Adam Depner the fabricator that made this piece. With this and the engine mounted down, we are one step closer to getting this bad boy sideways.


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                      this thing is gonna be so sick cant wait to see it on the pro circuit


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                          Soooo im guessing will be ready for round 2 then?


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                            It should be there at round 1. Round 1 will probably be their shakedown day!!


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                              Can we get a price list on this stuff, need to figure out how much cash flow I'm going to need for long beach.... I really want that team shirt.


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                                Originally posted by blaze1 View Post

                                Can we get a price list on this stuff, need to figure out how much cash flow I'm going to need for long beach.... I really want that team shirt.
                                X2. WOn't make it to long beach, so hopefully it will be avaibly on line soon??