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Where's Gary Keith?

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  • Where's Gary Keith?

    first his "drivers marketing summit" failed miserably (and supposedly he ran off with a bunch of money from sponsors and the few racers who believed in him).

    now his website is 'suspended'

    anyone heard from him? is he still alive? did he take everyone's money and run?

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    Isn't this dude like a 60 year old white guy?

    See what happends when you let outsiders who dont give a d@mn into the sport....


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      For those in the know, Gary has been around the sport for many years and done alot for it. I do not know what's going on, but he should be allowed to speak for himself and not have those who do not know anything put out info they know nothing about. Want answers call him...


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        He probably took the money, but he never runs. He just hides in plain sight.

        By the way, I'm in the know, and four years is not "many" years and I can't think of what he's done for the sport except give it a bad name. While a few may enjoy his podcast, he's a scammer and whatever scams he's pulled on the side do not reflect well on the sport he so liberally associates himself with.

        Anyway, all of this is also common knowledge "for those in the know", so buyer beware. Any drivers/sponsors unfortunate enough to have been ripped off, better call from another number. If he sees your name pop up on a buzzing phone, he'll never pick it up.


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          phat tire - did you work for dunlop 06-07?


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            No Blaze, I'm not that guy.

            But I do know what I'm talking about.