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  • BigGameHit
    Hello guys been a while, I hope all is well! At the start of this racing season finally acquired pro drift liscense. Do I feel different? Nope...same ole guy who got into drifting via Intial D and Gran Turismo 18 years ago haha. If you would like to follow my journey here in Japan as well as chances for JDM gifts check out my social network sites at the following places:

    Youtube Donald Jackson Drift:


    Instagram, twitter etc @ PinkRanger Drift

    Thank you

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  • BigGameHit
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  • BigGameHit
    Share, Like, Subscribe, Comment etc on video and you will be entered to win one of three drift charms in the video. Free shipping to US shipping world wide available but winner must pay.

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  • BigGameHit
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  • BigGameHit
    Dyno day initial check after road tuning over weekend

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Old test video was initial test drive before injector and maf upgrade
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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  • BigGameHit
    Just got done generating my parts list for my 2013 build. Just wanna thank all my sponsors/partners and friends for the helps in acquiring these items. All these parts roughly translate into a average competitive drift car in Japan.


    ACL Main Bearings
    ACL Rod Bearings
    Tomei Head Gasket
    Tomei Oil Restrictor
    Tomei Oil Baffle Kit
    Raw Brokerage Crank Collar
    ARP Head Studs
    Greddy Timing Belt
    Intake/Exhaust Port Matching
    Hybrid Performance GT3540r comp:A/R.70 exh: A/R 1.05
    Hybrid Performance Twin Scroll Manifold
    Hybrid Performance 55mm Wastegate
    ISIS Turbo Blanket
    SIKKY Intake Thermal Gaskets
    Syko Performance Engine Mounts
    Syko Performance Mission Mount
    Nick L. Twin Intake Pipe
    Nick L. RB26 Oil Pan
    ISIS Z32 Mafs
    SARD 650cc Injectors
    Modified OE Fuel Rail
    GT-R Fuel Pump
    ISIS Adjustable FPR
    Oil Cooler
    Oil Relocation Kit
    Circuit Sports Coolant Reservoir
    Autozone Power Steering Cooler
    RB25 Power Steering Pump
    ECR33 Power Steering Lines
    GT-R Aluminum Radiator
    Flex-a-lite Fan x 3
    Samco Hose kit
    Nismo Thermostat
    NGK Plugs
    Greddy Type S Valve
    Greddy Intercooler
    Earls Lines/Fittings
    Kinugawa Oil/Water Braided Lines


    17" CST ZERO-1 HYPER
    Federal RSR Front Tire
    Federal RSR/Kenda Rear Tire
    Funny Factory Knuckles
    Zenky Racing Coilovers F:9Kg,10kg R:5Kg,6kg,7kg
    Zenky Racing Front Lower Arms
    Zenky Racing Rear Upper Arms
    Zenky Racing Rear Lower Arms
    Zenky Racing Tension Rods
    Zenky Racing Tie Rod Ends
    Zenky Racing Tie Rods
    Zenky Racing Toe Rods
    Zenky Racing Traction Rods
    Zenky Racing Power Brace
    Pink Ranger Tension Rod Brackets
    Whiteline Adjustable 27mm Front Sway-bar
    George Marstanovic Twin Caliper Brackets
    Z32 Front Caliper
    Z32 Rear Twin Caliper
    Z32 Front Rotor
    Mustang Rear Rotors
    URAS Front Pads
    URAS Rear Pads


    OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch Kit
    DriveShaft Shop 1pc Steel Shaft
    Nismo GT 2way
    RB25 Transmission
    ISIS Front Hubs
    ISIS Rear Hubs
    DIF Steering Bushing
    Energy Rack Bushings


    Zenky Racing Gauges (water,oil temp,oil pressure,boost,volt)
    Zenky Racing Quick Release Hub
    Up-garage Wheel
    Apexi Power FC ECU
    Apexi Power FC Commander
    Greddy Turbo Timer
    PLX 300M Wideband
    ISIS Boost Controller
    ISIS Hydro Handbrake
    Wilwood Master Cly.
    12 Point Roll Cage
    Battery Kill Switch
    Recaro Seat


    D-Max Front Bumper
    D-Max Rear Bumper
    D-Max Side Skirt
    D-Max Carbon Hood
    Origin 1880mm 3D GT Wing
    S13 Silvia Front
    All Out Rolled Fenders
    Universal Front/Rear Pink Tow Hooks


    Pink Ranger Outter Fender Brace
    Pink Ranger Inner Fender Bracing
    Pink Ranger Engine Bay Gussets
    ECR33 Front Member
    ECR33 PS line
    S15 Rear Member
    Stance S15 Solid Bushing
    Yanak Sold Diff Bushings
    Spot welded chassis
    B-Pillar Brace
    Rear Tower Bar
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  • BigGameHit

    This is an online competition of the 2012 World Drift Award Please if you would vote for me. Helps me with my sponsors etc. Thank you!

    just click Like I am currently ranked 127 out of 900+ cars

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  • BigGameHit
    recent activity.

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  • BigGameHit
    This swap is new and throwing all that into the mix just is not good. stock mafs are good up to 550ish hp which is what im tuning to. Twin z32 mafs can support about 800.. converting to a single q45, cobra etc maf would throw other variables into tuning. im about keeping it simple and effective. My version of Power FC is not Map based and I am not running the amount of boost needed for a Map setup. In a nut shell Power FC is not standalone .. its a highly modified factory like ECU that can fully be modified and the only limit is how much your engine can handle. Even comes with emulated maps to start.

    Thanks for checking me out!
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  • cashed240
    much respect to you and i envy your drive and passion for the culture. very lucky to be able to be there and be so deep into your hobby.
    one question. . . why are you still running dual MAF if you have standalone? wouldnt it be better to switch to a map based setup? just curious. . .

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  • vertexpimpin
    lots of nice pics and cool cars

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  • BigGameHit

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  • BigGameHit
    haah cool thanks bro

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  • INFO

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  • BigGameHit
    Now onto Suspension and Engine Tuning

    Start up Vid

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