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S15 2JZ Build (Spain) Osgiken

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    more work this weekend

    s15 LHD testing

    welding problems?

    looks great


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      Please post detailed pics on the converted dashboard.


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        Originally posted by my 1 88 u View Post
        Please post detailed pics on the converted dashboard.
        yes no problem!

        we are in a tricky point, minor time-consuming jobs who donīt let see big upgrades.

        But we have good news, Hel performance will be our sponsor this season too!

        Some more pictures

        rear side finished

        And here our newest drif team member

        Next weekend more!


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          That is one stiff car.


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            thank you!

            well, more work this weekend.. more time-consuming jobs, like chasis-to-roll cage reinforcemente plates and other staff

            Thanks to Simon, Charly & Killian for all the work

            letīs go!

            The engine moved back 5 cm and is lowered about 3 cm. Better distribution and center of gravity. We can not moved more back for the front roll cage cross bars

            New trunk structure

            for the new ATL fuel cell

            Finishing the roll cage

            more bars to the upper mounts

            pic from above, serious work by Hot Lap Motorsports

            Sorry for my english sometimes I donīt know about technical words.

            More weekend more!


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              a few gopro pics


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                testing shift knob & seat position

                Killian -the graphic designer- showing us his car desings

                more roll cage

                harnes bars fitted

                reinforcement plates


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                  this thing is gonna be so sick


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                    well more plate work,all the weekend with plates, right now y only see plates, reinforccement plates, bar plates,subframe plates plates plates

                    we have cut the front and fit a reinforcement

                    finishing the new trunk

                    a-pillar plates

                    more bar plates

                    next weekend more


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                      well, more pictures, Simon finally decided to make the formula d style front end that we had thought to do in the future

                      We have a gopro who shots 1 pic every minute, I share a few here -when we finish the build we will make an animated video linking fast all the pictures-


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                        Thanks you to all the crew!

                        A pillar plates welded

                        closing plates welded

                        a few more plates finished

                        TIG welging by Simon

                        new bars added into the front subframe and antiroll bar testing -we will use a 2 cm. spacers


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                          nice but how heavy is car going to be ?


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                            Originally posted by negozio View Post
                            nice but how heavy is car going to be ?
                            with the lexan windows and other light stuff we think the weight will be near the stock weight

                            a few more pictures from this weekend we are now finishing little time-consuming works, fitiing the ecu in place, closing holes, tig welding some more plates and starting with the wiring and electrical jobs

                            thanks to Simon & Charlie for all the work, thanks dudes!


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                              Well, the team wants to thank Patrick Antell & RHD Japan for send us the sponsorized D-Max rear quartes

                              Fat *Censored**Censored**Censored*!

                              Looks great

                              testing new dashboard, also custom

                              GT car for Drift



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                                Damn can you say, No chassis flex. Thats a serious *Censored**Censored**Censored* cage.