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      • well, the car is finally at home.

        here the power chart. finally has made 475 with very good response. Low boost 1 bar boost pressure 450 bhp and high boost at 1.3 boost 475. Everything a little conservative because we drift a lot in summer and here it is very hot. Fuel used 95 octanes but I'm gonna use 98.

        Not a lot of power but happy with the response with the pressure we used, and very very happy with the power delivery, we are going to have big track rounds and a couple of little tracks rounds -kartings- and I think the car could perform great in both.

        what do you think?


        • very happy with the car . Yesterday I went to alignment and today itīs my birthday and I will be painting the front of the car myself, first round in 7 days no time for celebrations - and next finish with some safety rules -extintor, front hook, external cuttoff switch and other minor time consuming jobs- and then livery and go testing, I donīt know yet how to drive this beat


          • Maybe I'm just used to the stupid amount of power in FD cars but 475hp seems kinda low for a build like this?


            • Originally posted by Cavi Mike View Post
              Maybe I'm just used to the stupid amount of power in FD cars but 475hp seems kinda low for a build like this?
              itīs the power we have in the cars here, nobody have more than 500 bhp, as I said, we have some little tracks also, kartings, and we need the cars perform well in both, big and small tracks


              • and here the rails & frames for the feet without testing I guess this ones will work better than the ones I had in the s14

                all the pictures here


                • Well I was at the first round this weekend, the car is awesome, we had a
                  lot of minor/stupid issues who finally let me out, but we can fixed
                  almost everything.

                  Thatīs what happend when you can not go to a test-shakedown to fix all
                  that minor things

                  By the way, I made my feed rails and they work great!

                  After only 20 minutes of practice session we saw the front tension rods
                  like this -no hits or soins just drift-

                  with no time to fix anything, we went to the qualifying, and the car is
                  so good that with the front wheels scratching with the bumper and a lot
                  of steering problems due the bended arms, the car could made 5 position
                  in qualifying!

                  In the battles, in the practice battle when I was finishing the other
                  guy was in the middle section, lots of torque and very very good
                  response, then, in the real battle, when I start the car start to rattle
                  and fail a lot, an intake sensor unplugged itself and let me out in the
                  top 16.

                  the car also have some electrical issues, but Iīm very happy with

                  the car is a monster, Iīm eager to go to the track to practice and get
                  used to her

                  here a video, the middle section was too far and they let us to go
                  straight a little, who was great because the steering problems I had,
                  but with only 20 minutes of training I was very happy inside and I think
                  I could perform well in the car in short time


                  sorry for the bad quality, itīs almost impossible to see
                  the clippings

                  here the full cronicle with a lot of pictures, the english version at the bottom



                  • full weekend picture gallery here

                    galeria de imagenes de cheste aqui



                    • the spanish championship itīs growing fast! In the next round, by the day drifting, by night Music with Steve Aoki!

                      we are doing our pre-season in the middle of the season, and we are having some issues. we missed round II for steering problems and round III for electrical problems, but we think we can have the car ready and tested for roun IV, MotorSound Festival with Steve Aoki in "el Jarama"



                      • hi there

                        a little video fromt the first shakedown a few months ago, some minor problems -overheating, loose hose pipes & clamps and so on-



                        • here the second shakedown, we realised that we had to make something drastic to fix the overheat problems



                          • Shooting a documentary!
                            Grabando un documental!



                            • Very Nice!
                              Boost Up