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S15 2JZ Build (Spain) Osgiken

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  • S15 2JZ Build (Spain) Osgiken

    Hi there! Here is my new project for 2011 season a s15 2JZ, very RARE here in spain.

    Hot Lap Motorsports is working hard on it right now.

    Here testing air/fuel and knock at Montmelo, spain. Itīs a little strange for me drive from the passenger seat

    The car it awaiting for a new BORG WARENER EPR turbo,widebody, full custom roll cage, ECU Vi-Pec, and a lot more

    Our intention is document the building with videos and pictures

    In a few days more updates!
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    A few pics from this weekend

    2JZ power :thumbs:

    Once outside looks just like a truck engine

    Next weekend more pics and a video


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      can't wait to see more! which motor mounts and transmission are you using?


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        Cool, I know a local guy trying to build an S12 with a 1JZ


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          Originally posted by alex View Post
          can't wait to see more! which motor mounts and transmission are you using?
          I donītknow what motormounts are, we are using a 5 gear Chaser transmision


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            Another weekend working. 2 days cleaning&welding and looks like we have do nothing


            more pfffffff

            the ARC IC looks very great

            welding the chasis

            I hope to end the cleaning stage soon and start with the rollcage

            next weekend more!!


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              Awesome job! Que parte de Espaņa?


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                Originally posted by Edgar View Post
                Awesome job! Que parte de Espaņa?
                thanks! Somos de barcelona


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                  Cant wait to see it when its finished.


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                    Ninocrack: Any plans to run in the U.S.?


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                      thanks for the updates! when do you start on the fuel lines?


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                        No jungleguy, I wish to run there someday but not for now.

                        Alex, we donīt know yet, firts finish the chasis work


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                          Ok, more work this weekend!

                          we have finally finished the car's interior -clean, spot weld and everything out-

                          this box contains some of the unnecessary brackets

                          waiting for the material for wheel tubs, boot, arches

                          some little test before turn the car

                          letīs see the lower side

                          cleaning & spot welding the under side


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                            thanks guys

                            lower side finished! next weekend the interior and start with the pedal box and the other staff

                            Charly with the wiring, he is a patient guy and says that with the workshop manual no problem, If I have to doit myself I would become crazy.

                            Simon cutting the unnecesary lips and finishing the spot welding

                            clean and finished

                            finally, a well-deserved meal for all of us


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                              well, more work this wekend and more updates

                              the new tilton pedal box looks amazing

                              Simon welding the new & custom subframe pillar mounts

                              Using the old ones like reference to fit the news


                              Here you can see the oem pillar mounts vs the new ones

                              Another one finished

                              All the new pillar subframe mounts with their bar fitted, welded and finished

                              The final work looks great