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    Hi guys. I'm working on a book of short stories about racers from around the world who come to the U.S. to compete in a variety of motorsports. I have several land speed guys and a couple of drag racers lined up, but I want to feature a couple of drifters, at least. So if you or someone you know is planning to compete here in 2011 or 2012 (in any kind of motorsport), please mention it here, or PM me about it, okay?

    While I'm at it, I'd like to ask for your help in connecting with Kazuhiko 'Smokey' Nagata. If you know Smokey, please pass this on to him, or PM his contact info, as I want to do a feature on him in the book.

    Thanks in advance for any leads, guys!
    Scotty AKA Jangleguy

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    hit up eric o sullivan, robbie nishida, darren mcnamera, dean kearney,

    they are all international


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      The 2010 Drift Champ of Puerto Rico us planing on going to either XDC in Florida or the East Coast Bash this year. Do you want me to pm you his contact info?


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        Thanks Deadpirate! I'll check into these guys.

        Jonny - That would be excellent! I'll PM you a reminder.

        Cool. Between all of these guys, it looks like we should have some drifting in the book! But at this point, I'm still open to about any motorsport attempt by someone from outside North America. So if you know of someone... you know what to do.
        Thanks again,
        Scotty AKA Jangleguy