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Is this a possible future for competition drifting?

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  • Is this a possible future for competition drifting?

    or its own series all together?

    Tube chassis 1,400 lbs, 280HP KA24DE 240sx suspension/drivetrain.

    There is a link in the article for more on how it was built.

    love it or hate it, having a class of tube chassis 300HP drift cars of various sizes would be fun.

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    It's an SR and no, tube-chassis'd race cars wouldn't be fun to watch. Drifting is already boring enough as it is. The faster they go, the farther apart they get. There's no such thing as door-to-door drifting at the pro level anymore. I'd rather watch a grassroots event in a parking lot than FD or D1.


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      HA! Not sure how many feel the same as you, but I feel this would be interesting to see a few of these with pro drivers behind the wheel.

      Get two of them 100% identical in weight and power and same tires. I think they would be door bangin all day.


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        So what you're saying is drifting would be more interesting if everyone had the same car. Something tells me you drive a 240sx.


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          Don't act like you wouldn't like to see it. Anyone who knows what KDF means would like to see pro drifters in these things, or give it a spin themselves. Not take over FD with FDCAR version of NASCAR. You are taking it the wrong way Mike. Something tells me you get defensive very easily. A little sensitive are we about 240sx owners? God forbid anyone thinks of something different and fun to drift with, but you have had that problem in the past.


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            I remember seeing ALEX PFEIFFER driving a 4age powered Lotus Seven replica at a parking lot event.It was pretty interesting to watch by it self. Having a drift series with these cars would be too much. Having a different engine, suspension, car makes it watchable.

            It would be pretty cool to see a couple in a pro-am event. It'll be interesting to have an all-star event, but
            I wouldn't want to watch a drift series.


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              Well this car is just a prototype, but if it was to say be moved into a drifting comp situation, you could still have a variety of cars. This one uses the 240sx suspension points. You could have other using RX7, 350Z, etc. force to keep factory engines. Put a HP cap maybe? I don't know. Most likely not since it will be too far from what drifting is loved for.

              I like the idea you had. I could see this being an All Star end of season event after the last round or King of Champions type of event for drifters like the RedBull World Drift Cup?. The KOC doesn't use the actual cars that the various drivers won in their respective disciplines. Just an interesting take on one-make drift kit cars with various drivers.


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                Glad to see that Cavi Mike is still his usual "Everything is boring and I hate it" self

                I like the idea of having a All star type of event where the top 16 drivers in points at the end of the FD season have a one off event that doesn't score points for the series. Put everyone in the same sort of car with identical power and suspension and see who comes out on top. A series would be too much I agree but once a year I would watch.


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                  Originally posted by Lifer View Post
                  Don't act like you wouldn't like to see it. Anyone who knows what KDF means would like to see pro drifters in these things
                  I wouldn't watch it. I don't watch FD either except for practice runs and qualifying. Not sure who you think you're talking to - I don't say one thing and do another.

                  And as far as KDF(Keep Drifting FUN) - full tube-chassis'd purpose-built race cars are the exact OPPOSITE of what KDF is about. KDF is about making sure you don't need to talk like a politician and kiss butt and score sponsors so you can afford to have a purpose-built race car. KDF is about making sure the little guy - like myself - can still have fun at events and not be completely mocked because I don't have the money for a purpose-built car nor will I EVER kiss anyone's butt to get it. I actually have dignity.

                  Let me show you what KDF is about because it's the exact opposite of what you think it's about.

                  <iframe width="889" height="500" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

                  THIS is the type of thing I'll gladly pay to see and you'll see me cheering behind that wall like an absolute madman. Of course that's only is if my car is broken down and I can't be out there myself.

                  Every kid "wants" to be Tanner or Ken Block or whatever and while their life is definitely fun, aspiring to be one of those people for someone on the ground floor is futile. So while we're down here at the ground floor, we have things like KDF to help make sure we can still have fun even though we'll never be able to have the things afforded to people with "friends" in high places.


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                    Sheesh. You need to relax take a chill suppository!

                    "Not sure who you think you're talking to" says the guy who is the human version of the Grumpy Cat on drift forums.

                    Like you are the authority of KDF? You speak for what is fun for everyone who believes in KDF!?!

                    Oh Mikey, saving the world from any ideas beyond his own. Sleep well, and keep fighting the good fight now go get'em!


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                      Millions of people who believe in god's word kill millions of other people "in the name of god" even though there's nothing in any scripture condoning war. Should I follow them too? You're misinformed just like those millions. I may not be the voice of KDF but I'm sure a much better spokesman for it than you are.

                      I'm perfectly OK with being the Grumpy Cat because until I like what I see, I sure as hell will keep fighting the good fight.


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                        LOL! ok man. Whatever helps you sleep at night.


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                          Stewy is a *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*ing boss and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

                          The video is awesome but doing things like that is tough to get away with in the states with all the absurd safety regulations. I mean When I was at ebisu I wore a hard hat as a helmet. In the states there is no way I would ever get away with that. I did an event here in Germany where they didn't require helmets at all. No cage was needed for tandem. Attended an event in South Korea that was the same way.

                          Problem is most people on the ground level don't want to spend money putting in a cage seat harnesses into a door banger. So aside from english town you don't really see any awesome *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* like that. And I feel you on that but I don't see what is wrong with having a spec class type of event just to see if the playing field was completely equal who would come out on top.