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Formula DRIFT Pro 2 - New 2014 Series

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  • Formula DRIFT Pro 2 - New 2014 Series

    Formula DRIFT Pro 2 - New 2014 Series

    Formula DRIFT has announced the creation of the Formula DRIFT Pro 2 Series. New series to begin in 2014 with four events in conjunction with Formula DRIFT Pro Championship.

    The Formula DRIFT Pro 2 Series is a new edition to the Formula DRIFT brand. The Pro 2 Series will become the primary bridge for Pro-Am drivers to become eligible for the Formula DRIFT Pro Championship. Drivers competing in the Formula DRIFT Pro-Am Series will earn their way into the Pro 2 Series before moving on into the Pro Championship Series. The Series will also be available for Pro Championship drivers that are unable to meet the minimum to renew their Pro Championship license.

    “Formula DRIFT Pro 2 is something that has been long coming. We can now have a proper structure in place for progression up the ladder in Formula DRIFT,” stated Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “This will help lessen the burden on the Pro Series and also give new drivers the experience of a world class event.”

    The Formula DRIFT Pro 2 Series will have the same rules and regulations as the Pro Championship Series. The competition will run as a Top 16 bracket with the qualifying leading into the head-to-head competition.

    The new Series will begin operations for the 2014 season and will be fully operational in 2015. The events will be in conjunction with select Formula DRIFT Pro Championship event rounds. The goal will be to help drivers fine tune their driving abilities and skill level along with learn and build the business acumen in a professional competitive environment during a Pro Championship event weekend.

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    I hope they have video coverage of this. I have a feeling I'd rather watch this.