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getting legal permission to drift

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  • getting legal permission to drift

    I was just wondering, how do you get legal permission to use a place to drift.

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    i dont think there is......well not that i heard of....maybe pay off the owner so u can drift there lot possibly


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      if you know the owner of the lot.


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        yep... all you have to do is contact the legal owner of the lot or the property manager and set it up... a lot of folks are okay with it if you ask first.


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          Its not that easy, we had a small 20 x 40 foot lot next to my friends shop that we used to do donuts in because the owner didnt care, then the cops came and told us we cannot be doing it. We argued and said we have permission from the owner and he said he didnt care, you have to have a private lot with safety barriers, the lot cannot be accessible by the public, basically anything that can be a safety hazard, also it needs to be approved by the city, there is more to it then just getting permission, because it has to do with public safety they are really strict. Maybe if someone had a lot that was somewhere on their own property not accessible to the public and far enough away from a public road or walkway they might not care, but not to many parking lots are far from a public road.


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            Well in my experience... the property was owned an operated by a single owner who didn't care... I guess it fit all of the above criteria since it was a loading dock area behind his fenced in campus bldgs... but we didn't get harassed by cops... probably would have in a normal exposed lot though...


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              Did they give you a ticket? I do not believe they can on private property. They sure can't charge anyone with an accident on private property so how can they tell you you can't drift on it? Check local laws, if the owner says it's ok, then you can do it as far as I know. That would be like them coming in your backyard and telling you not to ride a Go-cart or something. They can't do that. As long as it's not bothering anyone else, thats private property, as in No Policia....Comprende?