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    You know i think its funny that when a domestic guy wants to learn drift we role out the red carpet and are totally excepting and understand the need to want to be different or just the love for your brand, but when you try to enter drag racing in the states man you are treated like a turd for driving imports. Doing just about anything different from the flock in the U.S will lead to you being mocked, LOL. Not trying to star a flame war just making an observation. Boy do i wish they would understand that you just love what you love. I love muscle and imports, especially my supra!


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      Yo I'm running a 71' Lemans T-37 w/ a 350 small block. Its light enough to drift around a track and especially on tight turns. One suggestion is stiffening the suspension so it doesn't start to shake on really long drifts, other than that, keep it stock and reliable.