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    ok thats enough from you mr. showoff... j/k its really good.


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      Simply amazing .. CLAP CLAP


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        just alittle preview on something im working on tell me if you guys are interested in more...

        ....She quickly tapped in on the clutch the rear came around
        pushed in on the throttle, tires spun against the ground
        She put the front into the turn, The tires let out a yell
        The Nissan rotated out of the corner like a bat out of hell

        Her opponent sat beside her surrounded with fiber and steel
        Exhaust gasses on her neck, she sworn she could almost feel
        The next stretch was a straight away, the I6 was at her back
        Depressing the throttle she tried to pick up the slack

        But this was a game of power, one her opponent could afford
        Our heroin could not, in the corners she would draw her sword....
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          very nice smc. the tires let out a yell right? not a ye?


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            Originally posted by chrisfromda909
            very nice smc. the tires let out a yell right? not a ye?
            hmm what the hell. why is my original screwed up? i copyed it there..


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              lol yeah " it" happens


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                WILL IT TRULY END LIKE THIS?

                By Yair Harel

                500 horses, each waiting to be unleashed
                You could almost taste the tarmac
                How did I get here?
                Is this how my life would end?
                I remember when I was young
                I’ve always wanted to be racer
                But not to end up this way
                Why like this, and why me?
                The beginning seemed normal
                But after the first turn, trouble arose
                Should have replaced tires
                This guy was running a Silvia S15
                Probably with an RB25
                Should have seen this coming
                I was running my R32 as usual
                I shouldn’t have underestimated him
                Trying to push me over the edge each time
                But I wasn’t going to hold back this time
                I had to be prideful
                Had to show them who is boss
                But God had a different plan for me
                God showed me who the boss really is
                He showed me where my life started
                Where it led
                And now He showed me
                Where it ends
                And here it is
                In this seatbelt
                At the starting line
                Thank you Lord for showing me
                What was about to happen
                And how You can change it

                wrote that one for my english class and it acutally made it to my schools literary magazine thingie!


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                  I start my engine,
                  I let it get warm.
                  I warm up my tires.
                  All the tireruber part's is starting to swarm.

                  Going down the mountai's sideways,
                  turn for turn,
                  my engine get's hot,
                  and my falkens will burn.

                  my car goes sideways,
                  trying to slip.
                  my car is near the corner.
                  and I think it was a barrier that I Just clipped.

                  Sliding through the turn's; one by one.
                  I saw a nice hairpin bend.
                  I'm thinking of a Reverse Entry,
                  but my Limited Slipp Diff Will burn.
                  and it will be the end.

                  I'm getting close to the hairpin,
                  this is my only shot,
                  i throw it in,
                  and my engine get's to hot.

                  the engine, oil it need
                  i power through the turn...
                  And I succeed.
                  finally down the mountain.
                  my car is still clean.

                  I don't get mad.
                  I'm really not sad,
                  I saw a scrathc
                  thank god it's only on my luggage hatch.

                  what do you think.