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    Did anyone here about SRS the game for ps2 (I think its for other consoles too)? You could race online,make your own character profile, race for girls like Tila Nguyen (maybe they just use her voice), and hook your car up fom the engine to having neon lights.

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    but sounds cool tho, ill check it out.


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      No, it's really the girls. The voices however may not be thiers. I got to play this game and it is friggin gonna be sweet!

      Here is much more info I have posted in another forum(Warning- Long but informative) -

      Online Showoff's very own Courtney Day has been chosen as a top import model to represent the import scene in the upcoming release of Street Racing Syndicate! She, along side Aiko Tanaka, Flo Jalin, Francine Dee, Natasha Yi, Rowena Galam, Tila Nguyen, Cherie Roberts, Sharon Sotto, Meriah Nelson, and 8 others TBA will be 3d interactive models in the game using thier own names.

      In a partnership with and 3DO to meet all their modeling needs for their current project Street Racing Syndicate. This game will be a globally distributed video game produced for the most popular game consoles including Xbox and Playstation 2. Itís a street racing game focusing on the import lifestyle and is considered to be the next big thing to hit the import industry since the Fast and the Furious. Participating models will be converted to 3D, animated, and will be part of the gameís storyline. More information about this game can continually be found at as well as Originally expected to release early 2004, I was told late spring/early summer 2003. Look for ads coming soon in all major Import mags, FHM, Maxim, and all major video game mags. This game is rated T for Teens.

      Basically the girls will have the 3D versions and the real photo and movie versions of them in PDF format, where whatever girl you have, gives you emails with valuable information. They will be girlfriends you can gain to help you with tips and information regarding other racers, what's under thier hood, as well as the respect.

      I was lucky enough to tag along for the shoot the first day of a 3 day casting (6 girls per day, 3 outfits including bathing suit, clubbing outfit, and import tuner like outfit) to get a sneak peak and play some of the game before it is finalized. Let me say it is well worth the wait. Everything is licensed from car parts to buildings around you while racing. If you are familiar with the 3 cities they shoot, you will think it's a movie, the detail of every building is exact. Any exhaust, any body kit, any rim, and any type of import out there, if you can think of it, this game will probably have it. Costs for parts are very accurate too. Below are a few shots, but out of respect for the other models, I am only posting courtney.

      Make-Up in a Hollywood studio - each girl had to rotate with make-up, dancing shots, and still shots.

      1st outfit- bathing suit

      2nd outfit - clubbin gear, still shots

      Here is the latest on the game(pics, story, features, etc) if anyone is interested -

      IGN has started to conduct weekly interviews with each of the 18 girls, Sasha and Tila have had theirs already, Courtney's is coming very soon! has all the good info on that.

      I noticed they used a pic I shot of Courtney in her zebra print bathiing suit (see shaded girls below) I should get some money huh! haha.

      PS- Be sure to check out Courtney's latest feature over at OS' fellow affiliate ,

      More on the latest ,

      Street Racing Syndicate has finally launched thier website! Check out Courtney along side Tila Nguyen here-
      Refreshing the main home page brings you new pics of girls and cars. will bring you a SRS Babe of The Week up till the release date of this video game in July. Courtney's spot will be coming soon so keep checking her Yahoo Fan Club.
      We were also told by 3DO that Courtney is in the newest issue of 100% PSM (PlayStation2 Magazine) for the game advertisement so go check it out!

      Found this in the new May issue of PlayStation2 Magazine -

      It's kinda hard to read cause I scanned it right from the page but it says Courtney Day next to the pic and article. Cool stuff!

      Check us at and
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        I see pics don't work here, bum deal.


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          too much reading, but nice, i know what i want for christmas!


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            Nice , but one says your actually supposed to pay for brand new parts.....but how do you work, out of your car(can you get out of your car)?


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              Originally posted by CourtneyDayFan
              No, it's really the girls. The voices however may not be thiers. I got to play this game and it is friggin gonna be sweet!
              Having actually talked with most of them before, the voice thing may be kinda trippy, I see her but that's not her voice... WTF?!?!


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                Originally posted by shyreminiscer
                Nice , but one says your actually supposed to pay for brand new parts.....but how do you work, out of your car(can you get out of your car)?
                Good question. I believe you make your money by winning races and selling the cars from pinks you've won. You may have a regular job too because I know you will have a calendar of events where if you miss something like taking your woman on a date, she will leave you for another racer, hence giving him all your engine mod secrets and tips.

                When I played, it was still in heavy production. I just got to drive around Santa Monica and see all the licensed buildings and different cars. None of the 3D characters had been made yet so guess we'll see.

                As for the voices, it's gonna be waaaay trippy if they do use someone elses voice. I know all their voices too. I am pretty sure it's only going to be typed emails.
                I see Courtney every day, think about hearing another voice for me!



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                  Courtney Day & Easy Street WRX!

                  CourtneyDayFan, here is an unreleased image of Courtney sitting on the Easy Street WRX!



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                    Yes Thank you! I think you guys gave that to Tom and we already loaded it on her website. RTI Pics are all great, nice and clear!



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                      We did not give any pictures to Tom, which site is using our image?



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                        I see it now, at least the logo is not cut off. Can they link us back?



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                          Taken from Yahoo Group-

                          Be sure to Check out Courtney's latest interview/feature up at
                , one of the worlds biggest video game and computer enthusiast
                          sites out there. IGN is doing special features on all 18 chosen
                          models for the promotion of 3DO's Street Racing Syndicate coming out
                          this summer. Only Part 1 of the interview is up, but go check it out
                          for some great sneak preview shots of what outfits Courtney will be
                          wearing in the game.


                          Sample Photo -

                          For those of you new to the group, Courtney was chosen along side 17
                          other top models in the industry to appear as an actual character in
                          the video game "Street Racing Syndicate". More info can be found at


                          5 other models have already been interviewed, Sasha, Tila, Cherie, Kaila, and Aiko.