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  • Originally posted by VuDuDoc
    pic for driftgirl.......BTW ill send you pics of the carbon fiber buckets i got also we gotta team up if you want the Aero bumper . BTW would you grace my car with your presence?

    just added the front mount the day of the show....gotta love the haters out should have heard it....then i nailed first place in Japanese/luxury class....muahahhaha
    yeah I heard that you did 'well' up there!! Dont sweat the haters, jus keep doin your thing I didnt think you still had the bumper! send pics of it as well....AND A PRICE!!

    grace your car? um, ok


    • And much props for reppin Washington State up there! the car is lookin way hawt!


      • Originally posted by ShAkE DoWn
        Ok...You guys are touchy for one thing thats off topic...Backing track now, Would you guys prefer a 1UZ-FE Soarer or a 2JZ-GE one?

        1uz = us spec sc400.

        1jz = soarer.

        I have an sc400 and im planning on a 2jzgte swap.

        1jz is a strong platform though, none the less.

        Here's my car... just got it:


        • This is my Soarer GZ20 I built up for this years D1 GB Championships, she's doing fine managing a 6th place at Round 1

          Has a 1G & courtesy of RHDJapan she getting some new Blitz turbo's in the next few weeks. Also have a 1JZ ready to go in for when it goes bang.

          A really sweet car & there's only 2 or 3 here in the UK

          This is Tokita's car (D1 GP) I helped him find & fit an engine last week after he blew his in practice for the Silverstone match


          • Ignorant

            Yea the pics are great but to the person representing the yellow and green symbol. Just wondering if you even knew what that meant. Because i learned that symbol has become a fad in the states for kids to put that on their car. But over here in Okinawa Japan for us americans thats a symbol of touble. Because that symbol means the okinawan driving with that on the car is a 1st year driver meaning if you stopped at a redlight and they slammed into you doing 80k it would still be your fault, which is bull because for 1 year they're excused from all accidents and we americans are considered "professional drivers" while over here. So know what the symbol means it's not JDM. Do research


            • here is my piecer....


              • Originally posted by Hyde View Post
                This is my car nowadays. It has been in some modifications since and it will hava a LOT mods to come. Plan is to get it ready for season 2007 to drift some

                Heres some new pics..



                • Here is my 2006 ride.


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