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PIMP MY RIDE nissan project ... blah!

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    Well, me and my friend were talkin in the auto tech garage with some other students. Then we were like "that car was friggen oogly" Everybody in the garage just got quiet then they were like.

    "You guys suck that car kicked a$$!" blah...blah..
    Whats this world coming to?


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      omg i cant believe anybody thinks that thing looks good. its hideous. they destroyed it. i think it looked wayyyyy better before it got "pimped". all it needed was to throw away every single piece of crap in the car (video games) and get a new guage cluster. buy oem bumpers and side skirts (cause the kit he had sucked) it would have looked nice. even with a diffrent paint job on the "pimped" version, it still would have been fugly. i mean cmon did you see that scoop!!! wtf. and that spoiler was like wayyy to small for the car. you all had to notice that. plus it was the uglyest spoiler around. and the wheels....gosh that red! if they were a diffrent color they wouldnt be bad tho. the kit they put on it was ugly too. i hated it. also all that "ICE" has to go. no xboxs. no xboxs times 3. no 6 moniters in trunk. no 3 amps. no subwoofers.


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        Originally posted by DoriAltis
        I didn't get to see the episode, did they mention drifting in the episode?

        Has anyone ever see the 'Pimp My Ride' cars on the streets before? They all seem to be from the orange county area.
        before xzibit pulled into the garage, he said he was gonna drift it. LOL that was my favorite part of the episode


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          found this on club4ag... the guy who got his 240 "pimped" tells the whole story.


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            has anyone ever noticed that "Pimp My Ride"
            NEVER works on the engines or suspension unless it means lowering or hightening the vehicle...

            there was one episode about a old suburban with a bad oil leaking problem...they put about 50,000 in it and then in the end just put in a little oil so the girl could drive it home

            thats why i usually only watch "Overhaulin" or "Rides"
            on the discovery channels...History, TLC, Discovery

            or the car shows on Spike TV...even Funk Master Flex works on the cars performance instead of just looks


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              hmmm, before or after pics.. they are broken, but i can judge by your comments on it. =)

              first of, i wanna say that it looks like most of you guys got a hold of my...

              "how-to-be-a-driftah handbook"
              "i must learn to love the primer mismatched look. i must make my car purposely look ghetto by adding dents to pretend they are from drifting. i must spend little or no money on it to show how non ricey i am. i must be sure to make fun of hondas and anything thats not a 240/hachi/and of course, skyline baby!
              extra tip- make sure after this drifting fad is over, you hurry and jump onto the next new bandwagon!"

              anyways... hmm, well my car is pretty ghetto, but i cant say if i had a choice i would leave it ghetto. especialy for free. im sure WCC did a good job of restoring it. id take it after WCC did their thing and just do some little changes.


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                that kids a dumb *Censored**Censored**Censored*, i would have requested them not to make it a nfsu car and atleast throw in the japanese sr20det with a t28 turbo or something "im saving up for a well thats the japanese engine" hell if it was me id explain almost everything to xibit and he'd probably get weird in the face, and he'd be like we got this kid and he wants a drift car, so lets get suspension, lsd, and every part a drifter needs, and throw in all the initial d mangas, and maybe even the initial d simulation arcade game?

                the orange wheels on the kids car with 5zigen?

                lol personally i liked how it looked before they "pimped" it out, they should've just fixed the car up more, but you know how it is more show then go, and it is xibit, and there cars are always above and beyond, and make everyone here happy, so i guess its reality..


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                  I just got done watching it, I would have wanted to see X to the Z drift

                  Sorry bud, but your car looks like crap