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    Originally posted by Double M Star

    Don't assume.

    The horse thief mile is the least used track in america.

    reason... no one want's to carry the liability.

    Again... don't assume

    So how can you assume that its not a real TOUGE... Yes, it aint.

    But me being there that day, The evaluation changes of the track is *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*ing awesome. Its actually or prolly better than any TOUGE I have driven in CALIFORNIA.

    I guess Keiichi and Rhys is also wrong from what they have mention about the track of being one of the real Touge or whatever you guys call it Track...


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      Originally posted by .Al
      Cliff Notes.

      Read it yourself here.

      Gabriel Tyler

      Before anyone started driving, Tsuchiya came by and looked at the car, I heard "American's...Showcar" as he was looking at it. We just laughed. This car isn't a showcar, just a very clean and simplifed racecar.

      Orido was the first driver of the car. After he pulled back in, he was all smiles! He kept giving us the "Thumbs up" and saying "very good, very good".

      From what I gathered from the translator, he was very happy with the handling on the car. Orido gave it 98 points out of 100. We were JUST fine with that.

      Tsuchiya drove the car Second. His film crew had to cut up foam pads to go behind him and under him, since he is "short like grasshopper".

      He also liked the car alot. He gave the car 93 points out of 100. We were just fine with that too.

      Tsuchiya said "it's one of the balanced and good handling hachi-roku's that he's driven in a long time". He said that, "AE86 tuning shops should build cars like these".

      They also said it was a very very clean motor install.

      Orido said that the LSD was "Very Slippy" and Tsuchiya said the car would be much better with an LSD. All of us were like????? It has a near new KAAZ? We had an idea that the tires were just too sticky for the settings on the LSD. I called Kaaz today, and they said that yes, the LSD is tuned for street/drift tires and stock 120HP. With the 250HP and the ultra grippy Toyo's, it just overpowered the LSD. Kaaz says even with the current HP and street tires, I should be running a much more aggressive setting on the LSD. So, see? I learned something!

      Usually "Hot Version" (Best Motoring Japan's tuner side) would try to match up similar cars. This turnout was definately a "what can we get in a hurry", so the mix of cars was a little skewed.

      We were by far the Underdog with the ONLY Normally Aspirated car out there and everyone else had HP ratings from 320HP on up to 550HP. We didn't really expect to rate competive against $100,000 cars, so we were still very happy with the outcome.

      As an evaluation of the car, it was excellent to get the feedback and stamp of approval on the car from Orido and Tsuchiya.

      Who knows, maybe the translator was making it all up though and they really said "Pooh pooh, AE86"

      The Film Crew guys from Japan were going nuts over the car. One guy got into the car and was all "My car, Hachi-Roku! in Japan, my car Hachi Roku!" They seemed to get a kick out of my SR5 all vinyl door panels (no fur). They seemed to pay close attention to the Solex locks and other little things like that.

      All day long, I kept hearing excited "Hachi-Roku", "Hachi-Roku". It was funny, those guys really really seem to like Corolla's.

      It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad we went to the trouble to go down for the shoot.

      Thanks for everyone that came out to help support too!

      Al (the bouncing rubber drifter)
      Luis (Mayan Warrior, bringer of exotic fluids, and brake resevoir caps)
      Brian Jensen(BigBri, my mechanic and pit crew)
      Tim Wehe (TWEHE2000, my other mechanic and pit crew)
      Max Misawa (provider of clutches from the gods)
      Barry (Vision, for screaming "wake me up guys, wake me up" in his sleep, and his deep knowledge of motor tuning)
      Mike Self (Ramblux, Everbodys favorite neighborhood magazine editor)
      Scott (Ender-Di, provider of supa sticky rubba and crazy kiddies that get free pictures with Drift Kings)
      Brian Alvarez (Evo-Addict, The BM movie producer that made it happen!)

      I have a bunch of pics, I'll edit them and get them up soon!


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        this is the only "touge" Keiichi has been on in America. And it's still ... just a track.

        Not looking for an arguement by any means.

        A track is basically a controlled/controllable environment, and very predictible.

        I dunno what sort of evaluations of the track you speak of
        But I will "ASSUME" you meant elevations.

        Yes the track has nice elevations and switchbacks, but is not as sweet as some of the real mountain roads in SoCal.

        Come out for a drive sometime.


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          Typing too fast.

          I've gone to most of the "Racer" Mtn in Scal. Everytime I visit down there someone takes me.

          They're ok IMO. Nothing special.


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            none of them are as "special" as you, find them to be.

            But they are more fun than the track version!


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              Post Script....

              We are not talking about the "racer's" mountains....

              Those are a bust. Too straight and populated. A lot of silly Driftwannabe's cruise them, fall of the edges, cause wrecks, your typical/general Intitial D taught driving.

              The ones I speak of are whispered and unmentioned.


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                If you name a few, Im sure Ill know some of them.

                From the Valley all the way to San Diego, I've gone to most of the 'touge' down there.

                I was just curious of how they are since Im always hearing about them like they are super track or something.

                No matter how good a Touge is, Im always and I mean always going to favor safe environment track.


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                  man listen to you 2, relax. i actually agree with Al that the track enviroment is safer whcih is a given, but i much prefer touge. thiers not much like it, its more of an adrenaline rush i guess. but ehh to each their own ya know.


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                    hey no arguements about safety here!

                    The feeling you get off the touge vs the track is immeasurable.

                    there is of course, a few "safer" touge's out here... but that's all relative.

                    Al is a fortunate guy, to have the King cruise in his machine, no doubt. How awesome is that?


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                      Originally posted by Double M Star
                      That's no Touge.

                      That's a track challenge/battle.


                      On a side note, we invited one of the driver's in the pictures out for some real SoCal touge action.

                      Details coming soon
                      Hey it is a Touge Showdown..Look I got this off of

                      Immediately after GT Live we packed up our bags and headed towards Willowsprings International Speedway where we had our first ever Hot Version video location shoot. As usual Keiichi Tsuchiya and Manabu Orido were there to host the program. Tuners from all over the US came to participate in the Touge Showdown. It was lots of fun for everybody out there. What did Tsuchiya and Orido have to say about the US tuned Japanese cars? That is for you to see in Hot Version International Vol.3 scheduled for release in spring 2005.


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                        "TOUGE MONSTER!"


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                          That guy is such a legend!

                          By the way, the girl was cute to ah