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where my "Z"'s at ?

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    Originally posted by ZDriftGuy31
    Heres my car:

    Second...I have seen plenty of Z's Drift...Including S30's Z31, and Z32's.

    that still doesnt anser my question.... whats the diference between S30, Z31 and Z32.

    and are modern Zs good at drifintg (around 95 or higher)?
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      chassis code just like s13 s14 are 240's

      z31: 84-89 300zx
      z32: 90-96 300zx
      s30: ??-?? not sure of years


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        are z32s good for drifintg?


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          The question isnt whether the Z is a "good drift car", but rather "are you a good drifter"...with the right suspension, driver , and an LSD ...pretty much anything can drift. Whether or not it drifts good is up to the driver...


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            S30 - 1969-1978 240z/260z/280z
            S31 - 1979-1983 280zx
            Z31 - 1984-1989 300zx
            Z32 - 1990-1996 300zx
            Z33 - 2003-? 350z


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              PrOxLaMuS thought i would let you know your Z is really comin along. It looks great. How do you like those 3 MTX subs? Do they sound good? Seems like an awsome deal for them on


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                here's how my Z is coming along =)
                Hehe.. i love my MTX's.. it's one hell of a big box.. but those things have rattled almost every screw loose in my car =(

                I bought the subs and amp for $400 many many years ago.. hit 138.2 decibles with just these subs.. and stock speakers.. not bad.. not bad at all


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                  let me buy your rims NOW!
                  but seriously if you ever want to sell them then pm me i'd be more then happy to buy them from you


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                    Pics of my Z....

                    I have a Z31, I just joined, but I have been reading this site for a while. People might know me from

                    Well Here are the specs on my Z:

                    MSA urethane kit
                    Tokico blues (not Illumina's)
                    Tokico Springs
                    Addco Sway Bars
                    Greddy STB
                    Watanabe RS-8 16x7 and 16x8 rims
                    Kumho Ecsta Supra 712's 225-45-16(f) and 245-50-16(r)


                    87T front twin piston calipers
                    front cross drilled/slotted rotors
                    Rear cross drilled/slotted rotors
                    Axxis Metal Matrix in front and back
                    Custom SS brake line kit, you can get this from, great prices and other parts for the Z31 as well.


                    Tenzo R seats
                    5 point harnesses
                    MOMO Superturismo pedal kit
                    Diamond Plate Floor Mats


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                      i love that red Z32 drifter


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                        those Watanabe's are freakn amazing...

                        LoL.. did you pay more for those wheels than you did for the car? LoL


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                          nice Z31 almost makes me wanna keep mine


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                            i didnt know the z was such a popualr car.
                            they are everywhere in utah.
                            people buy and sell them almost as much as civics
                            (im kidding, but i do see them everywhere)
                            I almost got an s30 from auction for a couple hundred dollars, but decided against it cause of some emissions problems.
                            (couple hundred as in probably woulda been between $300-$600)

                            I love going to autotrader tho and checking out the dozen or so z's in the area every now and then.
                            id probly go for one cept im looking at a particular s13

                            (my favorite has to be the 240zx tho)