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My Miata Pics 2004

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    Originally posted by Al_Hounos
    very nice, i have a '92 miata. Do you mind telling how much you've put into the car? And also I can't really tell what you did with the big miata mouth. It looks completely covered.
    this is actually my second miata. almost all the parts on this car were salvaged from the first car. the rest of the parts from the first car were sold off. the story on the first car is in a thread i made called "Burnt Miata Pics" in the pictures and videos section.

    the first car (prepared for drag racing) had about 5000 dollars put into it on top of the price of the car.

    the main fun-adder, the turbo, costs about 1600 bucks from GReddy.

    as for the front end on this car in the pics, i pretty much just spray painted the bottom half of the opening. it's not blocked in any way, i guess it's just the angle of the pic.


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      Nice wheels. Christmas present? Cant wait to see it in person.