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EXCLUSIVE!!!!! spy shots of the new toyota FJ CRUISER!!

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  • EXCLUSIVE!!!!! spy shots of the new toyota FJ CRUISER!!

    yes, that is right. I was on my way home from vacation and I stopped at the mitsuwa in torrance to get a new rice cooker. I got a zojirushi 5 cup cooker, and it whoops major @ss. anyways.

    I was on the corner of torrance blvd. and there it was, sitting there, waiting to turn. I quickly had my brother whip out his camera and take some snaps of it. the results are seen below. This thing was AWESOME looking, and I really am considering getting one after talking with my friend's dad whom is a playa at corporate toyota HQ, which is also in torrance, and also explains the sighting. they should be priced in the mid to high 20,000's, and also offering a six-speed manual with 4WD!!!!!!

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    i wonder what the wheels will look like. The manual option sounds great. any idea of what powerplant?


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      it has a V6. here at nissan their comparing it to the xterra.


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        I think I read in autoweek that the base model comes with those kinds of wheels...they have pretty shiny ones as an option too.


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          saw it on 223rd yesterday in carson. same one


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            That thing rips! It looks so cool. A grad from my school (Art Center) designed it as his first project out of school (Graduated like... 2 years ago). I got a chance to see the original concept sketches for it. Looks basically identical. So awesome.

            I too want one, when I graduate and can afford a tow vehicle. 240 on a trailer, Kart in the back!