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    Best video i've ever seen. 100% quality. Smokey and tthe Bandit clenched it for me.


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      Originally posted by bstonedrift
      I saw that you qualified for Formula D, are you going to compete this season?
      I came close to qualifying... but ended up being invited to the San Diego qualifier, which I couldn't make it to. I was granted a provisional license to run in Atlanta... which is my home town. I managed to obliterate both motor-mounts and scorch a bearing in my diff that weekend... so I didn't do as well as I wanted to. I felt honored to even be out there, so I walked away from the event happy. I'd love to run more FD events this season. I''m finally putting some money back into the car, so I don't have the budget to make it out west - but I would love to run in Jersey!

      Originally posted by TokyoDrifterxo7
      How long have you been doing this and how regular do you do it? Are you a pro racer?
      I've been drifting for about three years now... although it seems like I started yesterday. I don't really consider myself a pro... more like an amatuer that ran in a pro series. I don't get paid to drift just yet... but we've got some things in the works that may change that soon.

      Originally posted by FireEmblem62
      Andy Sapp? Would this be the same Andy Sapp that raced in the Speed World Challenge?
      Hahaha... that was Neal Sapp. Same last name... same chassis BMW. I met him a couple years ago. I had followed him since he raced Neons way back... since those were my first cars. Definitely crazy that we have the same last name, and both race e46 BMW's... but aren't related.

      Originally posted by FD3S_pilot
      Whats under the hood?
      I've got a more-or-less stock 2.5L under there with an intake, ECU re-flash, TMS headers & exhaust... and that's pretty much it. She's only putting down about 180hp/170tq to the wheels. I've been focused on suspension... replacing EVERY bushing with aluminum parts from Turner Motorsport. Now that the suspension is about where I want it... power is next on my list.

      Do I remember from the BMW drift setup thread that you have an e30?


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        Originally posted by markshatchi86
        bribe FD so u can run another event
        Bwahahaha... I hope nobody thinks I bribed them to run in Atlanta.

        Originally posted by Ghost of Duluth
        Best video i've ever seen. 100% quality. Smokey and tthe Bandit clenched it for me.
        Thanks buddy!!! Hahaha... I've come to terms with the fact that I like to show-off... so that clip only seemed fitting.

        I'm SUPER-stoked ya'll are digging the video! I can't thank you guys enough for the kind remarks. I'll keep pushin' that li'l bimmer to the edge... and post more videos as I produce'm!


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          loved the intro, but the end (middle) font was kinda hard to read cuzz of the color(sure u dont care just sayin). I loved the way you just "threw" that steering wheel around, that shows some comfort (or lack of caring lol) in a car. Nice job.

          EDIT: what editing software do you use?


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            Thanks, killa! I know some of that text gets jumbled... the video was output at broadcast resolution as the video is for the DVD in my press kit - where it's all crystal clear. Once I compress it for web, and knock the resolution down to half-size... it gets hard to read. I hate it... but there isn't much I can do about it for the web.

            The entire video was composited in After Effects on an iMac G5.


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              mmmmmmmmm G5...yeah i hate compressing for video was soooo small and ditored compared to the original version..o well we gotta do what we gotta do right?