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  • Coming soon - Vintage Style!

    I am going to start going thru my old 35mm and old digital shots. Anyone looking for that blast from the past feel will get it over the next few months. Import events including

    Hot import nights 1st year - 2001
    the 1 and only World Import Challenge - 2001
    the 1st central FL import drag race- 1995 ?
    D1 Drivers search Miami - 2004
    NHRA Import 1st year - 2001

    So for all you old schoolers out there, get ready for a blast from the past, for those new schoolers out there, wait and see how wack our tastes were back in the 90s!

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    I was looking through my drivers search photos from 2003 myself... Hiro in the BMW, the old JIC S13, Taka when his Corolla was White, the old JIC S13 (with I think Bryan Norris driving?), etc...


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      yea. same here, even back to early 2004 when everyone was in their old cars, JRs old S13, Huberts original discount graphics on the s13, etc.

      i think its fun to look back on the old'n days from time to time


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        Can't wait. Looking forward to some HIN stuff. LOL!!!


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          was looking at it the other night, i was like, wow


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            dope. yea man post them!! ive got a bunch of pix from all the old 95/96/97 moroso events. ive got the pix of Eddie Bello's Porsche doing the wheel stand too!!


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              lol,. i remember when i saw drifting for the first time ever. Koguchi was the first drifter i saw!! i was amazed by him and the rest of the falken team (drift showoff)