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Japans newest drift team at YZ Circuit

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  • Japans newest drift team at YZ Circuit

    Looks really stupid in Katakana, but basically means "Crazy Nuts Foreigners"
    You can have this word in proper kanji, or hiragana but we chose katakana to make it even more stupid. Everyone who see's our sticker laughs their heads off! Team consists of me, Mitto, and Travis.

    Our names up on the board!

    And now for some action:

    Tezuka doing ride-alongs at lunch time. Our Aussie mate Josh had a ride and said it was awesome. The grip of the thing was amazing!

    Tezuka and Utsumi together

    Even girlfriends have toe-in in Japan! :smash:

    Random cars:

    Girl team:

    The gang:
    Back row - Emiko, Mitto, Josh, Me, Ashley
    Front row - Adam & Lee

    Mitto after qualifying :wave: I was smiling...he wasn't. I'll let you fill in the blanks

    Travis getting raped by some big Aussie dude

    In the end I made it into the semi-finals but was knocked out as my car didn't make enough smoke, or angle...I was happy enough as its a standard RB25 engine and I beat some professional cars, so it's all good. Turbo kit coming soon...Then world domination! See y'all next time.

    Complete photo set on my website!