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"RB Engine Only" day at Mikawa

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  • "RB Engine Only" day at Mikawa

    Today we went to visit MLM (Motor Land Mikawa) again to get some cool footage from the "RB Engine Only" event which is held regularly throughout the year in Japan. The day saw any car you can think of that came with an RB or has had an RB swapped into it. Skyline's a'plenty, Laurels, Cefiro's, Stagea's and lots more. D1 Driver and owner of T.S Factory won the RB25 class, but apart from that I didn't get much information. It was bloody cold so we left as soon as the event finished and didn't hang around for the ceremony. It was a fun day, but obviously I'd prefer to be driving. NEXT TIME FOR SURE!

    This is the car that won the RB25 class, and I think 2nd overall. 500bhp! The only car to smoke up the whole straight.

    Drift Baby also thought it was a fun day. Drift Baby, he say yes!

    This FR only GTR belongs to one of the "Drift Tengoku" staff writers. I guess he needs to spend less time behind his desk writing and more time practicing

    As always...Team Burst we're representing the crazy side of drifting. Always fun to watch.

    This was my favourite car of the day. Original GTR side skirts combined with some cut and bodged FRP skirts. Looked awesome I thought.

    This guy's driving was off the chart. Super fast entries, and much more committed than most. It's a shame he didn't win, but the D1 dude really pulled an awesome run out of his arse in the final round .

    Pretty cool Stagea

    A bit of carnage...

    This car won best "Dress Up" of the day. It also won the Doricar award for worst English. I think they meant Prince as in Nissan/Prince...but it came out as Plince LOL.

    There's over 150 pictures in this set, so make sure you check 'em out. From Flickr site you can run this set as a slideshow. Get a cup of coffee on the go and enjoy. See you next time.

    Album link here:
    RB Only Day at Mikawa - a set on Flickr