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D1NZ Round 3 Results & a few pics

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  • D1NZ Round 3 Results & a few pics


    ROUND 3 RESULTS - Gaz Whiter Takes 2nd Season win

    Kia ora all

    What an epic weekend D1NZ turned out to be! Thank you to all that took part in Round 3 of the D1NZ National Drifting Championship at Pukekohe Raceway on Friday May 1st and Saturday May 2nd.

    Friday turned the sunshine on for the D1 Rookies to have their first taste at one of the worlds highest speed Drifting corners. While the field of 24 Rookies were not judged on the entry to the sweeper, the boys took it on themselves to give it a go turning out some awesome results.

    Some sure standouts over the weekend were Demitri in his old school SR20DET Toyota Corolla giving huge entries to the sweeper for his first competition appearance which also gained him 5th position in Qualifying. Marcus Davies-King showed how Hamilton represents with solid runs and consistent lines that the judges were looking for, overall gaining him the podium finish for the day and put him on top of the Championship table going into Round 4.
    Local resident Brandon Rogerson put it down for his home crowd to gain 2nd qualifying position but later would break under the pressure of battles.

    An awesome day was had by the Rookies, seeing some massive carnage form Richard Grey (D1WAKA) and Sky Zhao in his R33 Skyline who both had colossal run-ins with the tyre barriers. On the whole, the Top 16 battles played out with some of the best Rookie battles seen to date.

    The final Top 4 Rookies pushed through with Phillip Otene and Randal Liupuhi battling out for 3rd and 4th position. Being Randals first competition appearance, the pressure was on and it just made the boy go stronger with the first run leading his way 8-2. On the second chase, Randal just needed to follow through with a clean run but the young buck went in hard and spun 10- 0 giving Auckland local Phil Otene his third podium spot throughout his rookie escapade

    The limelight was set with Marcus Davies-King and Ben Watson roaring down the front straight of Pukekohe Raceway for their first run and both decided to enter the sweeper at the start which they were not judged on. This worked in Marcus favour as Ben spun, giving the advantage to Marcus. In the chase, Ben had an awesome line and battled his heart out but it wasn’t enough to take down the slick facelift S14 of Marcus Davies-King.

    During the course of Friday, the D1NZ boys got practice in with entry speeds hitting marks of 200kph+. Blair Martin had a very scary touch with the Pukekohe Armco coming off the sweeper and sliding against the Armco barrier at high speeds. Gaz Whiter looped out backwards of the sweeper at over 200kph, later quoting he thought the car was gone, all over but the boot flung open and changed his course of direction a truly amazing exit. Will Cook (crazy Will in his TRD sponsored Supra) also had issues with the sweeper in practice, managing to destroy his front rear and side skirts before the Championship day.

    Most dedicated for the practice day by far went to Jason Sellers in his C33 Laurel huge speed angle and smoke with a few dirt drops on the outside edge impressed the judges immensely.

    Rollout Saturday and leaving the D1NZ HQ, we knew it was going to be a hard day for the drivers. Torrential rain early morning followed by showers set the stage for a very interesting Drift experience for both the Top 8 Rookie battles and the D1NZ Qualifying but this didnt deter the spirits of the dedicated Drifters or Drift enthusiasts and the show went on as D1NZ always does.

    Seems Mike did't use the Badbull RX8 for this round.

    After the drivers adjusted to hold the sustained loss of traction in wet and dry, the Top 8 battled its way through to the Top 4. Sam Groombridge in his R32 came up against OG Steven Sole form Taranaki with Steve giving it his best but unfortunately spun on the first run giving a huge lead to Sam G. With Steve on the backburner, he peddled the R32.4 to a 6-4 advantage but unfortunately it was not enough giving Sam Groombridge a very well deserved 3rd place overall.

    The crowd was ready and Kyle Jackways school students were eagerly supporting him in the crowd. Bringing on the battle for first and second, Whiter came up chasing Jackways with a flawless mimicked chase constantly sitting on Jackways left rear C Pillar.

    With the swap over around Pukekohe commencing and Jackways now leading, Gaz powered the S14.5 down the front straight away from Jackways with an 8-2 advantage. Jackways kept a good chase on in the A31 but didnt manage to match the up close battle that Whiter had produced.

    Gaz Whiter in his Toyo S14.5 went to take his second win for the season and now leads the Championship table. D1NZ would like to thank all of those for attending and the awesome sponsors fro supporting the D1NZ National Drifting Championship.

    The D1NZ Championship Table now sits as follow's moving into round 4:

    Position: Name: Car: Championship Points: Sponsor:
    1st Gaz Whiter S14.5 950 Toyo
    2nd Mad Mike Whiddet FD3S 820 RedBull
    3rd Fanga Dan Woolhose S15 775 FDC

    D1NZ Round 4 makes its way to Taupo Motorsport Park on the June 12th and 13th so make sure you book your accommodation now and get to the last central north island Drifting Championship event for the year!

    To check out all the afterparty photos check out the following link:


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    sweeeeet!!! i love seeing the cars from all over!

    is JT drivin over there? I think his car is still here in the states, but I haven't heard from him in awhile.


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      I dunno what JT is up to lately, i think he was trying to sell his R34 in NZ to help fund his USA time. He hasnt competed in NZ for awhile.