This is from the CNYIRA races Sat, 2-28 at Honeoye Lake near Rochester, NY.
Cold nites made the ice last well into the afternoon and it just started to slush up when we had all the day's races in.
Clip is from combined 4wd w/street tires - no studs;
and 2wd w/street-studs race.
More racing tomorrow.
These are from the CNYIRA races Sun, 2-29 at Honeoye Lake near Rochester, NY.
these two are of the course while still crusty, fast and sticky.
these are fron a corner station showing the menard tire (big studs) leaders
I started last and filmed this race while trying to keep the cars in frame by managing my slides, I had a lot of fun doing this.
(as an aside: here you can see how one small problem, a terminal push thru one corner, lost the driver about 100 yards of track.)
more info?