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Tyler McQuarrie's Pass Over Joon Maeng

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  • Tyler McQuarrie's Pass Over Joon Maeng

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    Real drifting is happening right now Jarod. Real drifting is happening.

    It shouldn't have gone to OMT though.
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      I've got GoPro footage on the car and I totally feel like Tyler had no other option unless he went right into Joon's car.


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        mcquarrie takes a better line after maeng goes too deep , slows and overcorrects. not only did he pass cleanly without impeding maeng in any way but he also did it without losing any of his own speed.

        a omt call on that is nothing other than pure nonsense and rewarding maeng for a mistake


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          The rule Formula Drift has in place takes away common sense from the drivers. I can understand why they have the rule, they want close tandom, rather than passing. In the past they said a pass was only allowed if the lead car was way offline and the pass would not cause the lead driver to adjust their line. However, the rule they had in Atlanta about only passing on the horseshoe was unneccessary. These drivers have common sense, they know when they can pass. If they don't have common sense, then they will lose the battle.

          Here, Joon over shot the first corner, 2 wheels onto dirt, then overshot the second corner, wheels in the dirt, before riding the dirt up the hill. Tyler made a clean pass, it didn't effect Joon. There is no way that Tyler should have followed Joon onto the dirt. Giving this win to Joon is WRONG. Tyler was in a lose-lose situation here. If the situation is defined that following the lead car will take him off course massively, or passing will be a massive deficit to his score, then the rules need to be changed - it isn't his fault Joon messed up his entry. Whilst I agree that rules should be set in place, this rule takes away a drivers ability to use common sense. Tyler did the correct thing here. It would have been impossible to follow Joon onto the dirt twice and keep in tandem whilst not straightening. See the following video, on Tylers Roof Cam you can't even see Joon he is so far offline. Give the driver the ability to use his common sense.

          (sorry don't know how to embed)

          A blanket rule like this is outright idiotic. Passing isn't good, we know, but this is just daft. Let the drivers use their common sense. If FD isn't careful they will lose good drivers that bring a lot to the series such as Tyler with stupid rules like this. The money invested by teams like these guys are huge. If a stupid nonesense rule is gunna ruin their weekend, they are going to get fed up. Tyler is a traditional race car driver - I have a feeling he will get annoyed soon with daft rules like this in drifting, no matter how much he enjoys it. It's already tough enough to convince the masses that judging in a motorsport is a reasonable justification for winning. Gotta pay the bills, and with a package like that, the bills are large!
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            I agree with everyone on the pass run but I don't think it should have gone OMT in the first place. the first set of runs where obviously Joon but the judges are freakin idiots


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              100% agree with the post made above by Sidekick.

              At the speed today's FD cars are travelling at, its not always possible to adapt instantly to a mistake a lead driver has made and still expect door to door tandem. The chase drive has to expect the lead driver to be on line, and the lead driver is expected (per the judges and FD rules) to run his qualifying line while leading.
              FD doesn't have the capability to slow down the cars, and I don't think they should if they could - so making the cars run slower to be more adaptable behind a lead car who "might" make a mistake isn't a realistic option when door to door tandem is the goal. FD drivers should be able to be expected to run their qualifying line while leading, this is a Pro series. If the lead driver can't do that (in Joon's case here), and puts the chase driver in a position where the chase driver runs out of options, the lead driver should be who is penalized.

              To be fair to the judges, they followed the protocol that was set out for the event, and they made the correct call for what was explained in the driver's meeting. But the rule the judges had to follow was whack, and because of it Tyler got screwed.

              Similar thing happened to JR when following Daigo, when Daigo went way offline. JR's car couldn't go any slower to wait for Daigo to get back on line and still maintain drift, so he got stuck inside. Once again, the judges made the correct call per the protocol that was set out by FD for the event, and following that protocol Daigo should of, and did move on. But as in the Joon / Tyler situation, the FD rules the judges are to follow when making those decisions can really screw the chase driver when the lead driver goes off line.

              Before everyone cry's BS, and that they can make there 240 follow any other driver anywhere, this isn't Pro-Am. These cars are really moving, and simple physics dictates that the faster you are going the more grip you must have, and the options for a chase driver at that speed and grip level become much more limited.

              Trying to slow the cars down will never work to fix the problem. The top cars are not any slower than they used to be before any tire / weight rule or any other rule changes with that intention. Good race teams figure out how to get around rule changes that mess with their cars.

              Bottom line is, the judges probably made the right calls with the predetermined parameters they had to work with. But the system could do with an overhaul so the judges have other options in these type situations.

              And to be fair to FD, they are working on solutions to help these type situations. As cars, drivers, and teams progress so are FD doing their best to always hit a moving target.

              ASD Inc.


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                I had this discussion with someone about this pass, and JRs predicament. When you are feet/inches from the car in front you aren't waiting for them to transition, you are transitioning WITH them, so you have to assume they are going to follow the agreed upon line. If they don't, as Ian said, you can't always slow down and wait for them. As it was in ATL, it was an advantage to mess up. I bet if JR was 10 feet back, he would have been ok with the adjustment. Same for Tyler, 10 feet back he could have seen how far off Joon was going.

                Space in tandem = safer for follow driver. Or we let the judges make the judgement that the lead driver is screwed up and don't have the black and white rules. Let judges judge, its their job.