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s15 headlight conversion on a CRX!!

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    Originally posted by TougeDorifuto
    AHHHHH!!!!!!!! EEWWW!! DEATH TO THAT CRX! i dont care how it *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*ing looks you dont put a NISSAN front end on a dam HONDA CRX. Just wrong. ahh somebody burn that car PLEASE!
    there is a fools cruising around my town with an integra gsr with a type r front convo, type r motor, and R33 GT-R tails with GT-R also has a bomex kit on it....would be sick, if he lost the tails


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      I like the color but the s15 and/or silvia conversion has been done and done some more and now it's just like a song that's gets mad air time on the radio or an old hooker, almost everyone's had a turn and now it's played out. Just like that girl who wanted to drive a "pretend" skyline GTR Honda Accord. Cool for what is was.....a show car........but the money she spent doing all the body work and mods, she could have HAD a skyline.

      That's what I don't get about some of these ricers. They spend so much time and money on thier cars and then ,in wishful thinking, they say "Man I wish I had enough money to afford a skyline." wtf is up with that?

      What the import show car "scene" needs is another LJ Garcia to come along with something way cool that hasn't been done before. I can still remember when his flaired hatchback was the hottest thing on the block and the next year it was played out cause it was knocked off by EVERYONE.
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