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Super Old Camaro Drifting Footage...

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  • Super Old Camaro Drifting Footage...

    I just found some old drifting footage that I had before of me up on a certian famous Hawaii Road. Just thought I'd post them up...Sorry about the crappy quality since they were taken on a old digital camera.

    Drift #1
    Drift #2

    This last video is a great example of why you should always have lookouts when you go drifting on a touge. I was stupid this time and didn't set up any. If your wondering that white blur at the top of the screen was when you hear my car scratch is a Dodge Intrepid O_o
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    Nice little vids. No sound at school, so I can't hear the scratching

    Oh well. I'm one for drifting only where visibility is good...or make sure you stay on your side. Of course, some places you just can't do that. Spotters is the only way to do it on those type of roads. I'm kind of in farm country of the Mid US, so it's pretty much open and flat around here. It's tough to find some windy roads (usually only following alongside rivers, Note: good place to look for windy roads), but most are pretty open. It's nice to be able to see a mile up the road for any traffic as opposed to not having a clue what's 200 feet in front of you.


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      Here's a drifter camaro..


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        rock, the famous drift camaro girl!!!!
        who's car is that?


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          Ive prob seen that car 3 other times and just realized it has watanabes.


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            Hey Rev,
            you still have that white camaro?...I swear I saw that thing on GRIP video w/ Signal's former Drifter X


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              Well actually I threw that car away and built another camaro. Though that would be my old car in that footage on Grip. One thing I noticed about myself...I do alot better on the streets. Maybe its due to less pressure or something.