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undercover stings on street racing

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  • undercover stings on street racing

    just becareful guys...this might happen to you

    or click and paste link
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    Street Racing is boo hiss. Keep it to the track. Sure I'll "race" a guy to the speed limit, but not any over the speed limit and it's not a predetermined event. I'll just go and he/she will go. I plan on going to the opening night at the local drag strip to see what my baby can do. Track is better. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


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      Now I'm no fan of street racing, but I don't completely understand the general public's feeling on it. It is illegal and it usually is stupid, especially when it's done in a place where it's likely people not participating will be harmed, but people feel so strongly against it. I understand that racing in somewhere like a school zone (Yes, it happened here recently. Talk about stupid.) is very stupid and dangerous, but why should anyone care if you do it in an abandonned industrial district at 3:00 in the morning or on a low-traffic country road? It's not like you're gonna run over a pedrestrian there. And as far as the participants getting hurt it's their problem just like it's a surfer's problem if they get bitten by a shark. I also don't understand why everyone thinks it's a new problem. It's been around since at least the 50s. Does the movie American Grafiti not mean anything to anyone? Or how about Grease? Those are both really popular movies from the 70s that had street racing scenes but I don't see anyone getting bent out of shape over it. Why is the Fast and Furious any different?


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        Originally posted by Misthael
        Street Racing is boo hiss. Keep it to the track. Sure I'll "race" a guy to the speed limit, but not any over the speed limit and it's not a predetermined event. I'll just go and he/she will go. I plan on going to the opening night at the local drag strip to see what my baby can do. Track is better. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
        Somehow I doubt you will be beating many cars with your 85 rx-7...

        That report was hilarious. Yeah lady you are going to push your stroller at 3a in an industrial area. And now the driving school which of course operates late at night, can run safer because of this bust.

        Also did you see what they did to those cars bumpers. What the *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* was that *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*.

        What awesome reporting.
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          Track only you whores.


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            Originally posted by Mooboy
            Somehow I doubt you will be beating many cars with your 85 rx-7...
            Really? I'm just talking from one stop light to the next which is usually less than an eighth of a mile. I tried it out tonight since I got my exhaust all opened up. It's pretty quick. But still. Just lookin to mess with some "ricers"


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              most people like opening it up to mess with rice. Its only how far u take it.. if somone is going to be a moron and do 120mph run through traffic...just shoot em..but i mean if ur messing around at 3am in an industrial area.. no traffic.. then who cares... with the whole spectator thing.. if ur there you take the risk... i have been to races every now and then (there are a couple sick fds) but nothing usualy happens... its the racing during the day on normal city roads that cause a hazard... Its like idiot kids who try to drift through an intersection at 3 in the afternoon (i have seen it). We all cant make it to the track, there has to be somewhere to do it.. and if u can do it without placing danger on somone not invlovled..then go for it.. just dont get caught..


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                if you drag we snag LOL


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                  Yea, if your a spectator there at 3 am in a normally empty place watching some races, what happens to you is your responsiblity. At certain times and in certain places, its just plain dumb. But other times, whats the harm?

                  I agree, what the hell is she doing pushing her stroller around the streets at 3 in the morning, and what kids are walking home from school at 3am?

                  And what were they doing to the cars themselves that had been impounded. That S2000 had a bit of damage done to it, and they practically ripped the front of the Civic SI off. Id be pissed as hell if they did that to my car. It looked like they were just screwing around with the cars and damaging them.

                  The reporters didnt really know what they were talking about... These all aluminum engines built for speed.... panning over a B16 with i-vtec clearly written on top of it, the fuel-economy minded version of variable valve timing. $25k-$30k in the engines alone... if they had that kind of money to spend, id think the cars would have a bit more visual flair than they did. Stock looking SI (now minus a bumper), that S2000 didnt look like it had a lot done to it, in the background there was an older civic that didnt even have matching body panels... US media, out to scare everyone into submission


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                    like the news always does, find the most retarted person to interview, notice how she said pedestrian. wtf I agree racing families on roads is just plain dumb. But those races looked to be held after hours on road which looked to be blocked off. Funny thing is, most of the people who condem it now, were the old school big block races back when, they just have *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* stuck up their *Censored**Censored**Censored*. I for one dont street race, but those kids seemed fine. The one thing i saw wrong was the kids on the sides of the road down the track.


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                      Idiots. They make tracks for a reason. I thought it was pretty good how they ripped the fron bumpre on the civic (i think, dont know about shite cars ).

                      Here we have legal off street drags very often. Good prices and its at one of he best drag strips in Aus.

                      Hey but who wants to go fast in a straight line??


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                        hahahah 25-30k, including the car.


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                          Yea Mooboy and you are sure going to tear em up in your S2000.

                          What's funny is that if they busted the cars and the drivers then why were they moving them around the pier with a forklift and letting the alarms go all off.


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                            hahahahaha!!! the lady and the drivers ed guy cracked me up. and like alot of uve already said......its in the middle of the night in an area with no other cars out. i understand street racing is dangerous but how does it make racing on a track any safer?? though it is better to race on a track where the road is prepared for the kind of drivin and that theres safty crews around but it still hurts and kills people....and it is stupid to have a race as big as it was shown in the vid cause people r lined up on the sides, but if u go to a race that crowded...ur just askin for trouble...and i think the cops r just too lazy to have to clean up a accident after they crash their car and still have to write up a ticket, so y not just jump straight to the ticket.... ....1 more thing is, not very many of us r fortunate enough to have a track less then an hr away, most of us have to drive 2-3 hrs to get to a track which isnt fun....and i wonder y the hell did tracks close all over the country about 20 years ago...cause i know that there use to be a track about a mile away from my house but they tore it down 20 some odd years ago....cause if it was still around it would be useful....but yea......ABC's really made a dumbazz outta them selfs this a many of u would street race or touge if it wasnt "illegal"??

                            o yea....did i mention that i hate the media??
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                              I used to go and watch street racing. Actually i had a ticket for watching it! LOL, what a stupid thing... Only dumbest human beings can race in afternoon. I went there like couple months ago, and there was no single ricer anymore. Thay stopped it like 99% where it used to be. Racing in industrial district is most of your responsibility, but when crashes happens thats not good. I remember there was this crash, when some guy going around 90 hit a car who pulled in front of him. Thats no good. And there was a crash when a guy lost control of his car and i think he died. Of course most of ricers can go to track, but why go to track when they can drink, brake laws, feel more fun (well i think thats what they think ). I've seen some serious police *Censored**Censored**Censored* bustin' too. once 9 cop cars came out of a small street and started block everyone. Other time a truck pull over and blocked the whole intersection and cops came from everywhere. And sometyms they would just race for like an 1.5 hour or more, and it looks like nobody cares. I've seen cops on a dark driveway, watching the racing too. Those cars in report are seized. prolly they wont get them back. so they can rip anything they want, cause they're gonna go to auction or something. nobody would rip off bumpers if u're still gonna get the car back. The reporter doesnt now a thing bout the cars. 20 to 30 k under the hood? i dont think so. they always overdo it.