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undercover stings on street racing

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    i like how it makes those people like the evil-doers. Man, that's some dumb Scheisse. I hate reporters. The ghetto stroller lady made me laugh though. Oh yeah that Si was t-charged BTW. They'll never be able to get rid of street racing, just like they can't get drugs off the streets they make an example out of a few hoping that it will scare the other duma$$......i mean racers. I got more respect for someone with timeslips than just some idiot that says "yeah I beat so and so's car at [illegal spot]." that's probably not even measured or timed. Don't gimme that crap about "oh wahhhhh I don't have enough (money, time or whathaveyou)" if you're serious about it then a few dollars shouldn't matter. My friends scott and adam busted thier asses and went into debt just so they could have a chance to compete at Drift Atlanta. Now that's dedication to the sport. If you want events then get off your a$$es and find out how to put one on instead of waiting for someone to do it for you. Just like DGtrials did. That's my 2 cents