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Calgary drift night event 3

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  • Calgary drift night event 3

    Here's a video of some of the action from the drift school that we put together. Night 1 and 2 were mostly exercises to practice car control and weight transfer. This is the video from night 3, which was our simple track.

    Remember, we're all rookies here, not exactly your D1 quality drifts.


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    YES GO CANADA! awww i should be out drift at racew city to bad my cars on its way from japan


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      The final event of the year is next Thursday if you have your car by then... what are you getting? One of the guys from brought a skyline to the track last thursday, and they let me do a drift run on the course. Too bad nobody was there at the time to film that, supposedly I did alright and it looked pretty cool. Drifting in RHD was wierd for turn1, but after that, I forgot I was in a RHD car (except for shifting)

      We're currently in negotiations with Race City to hold a drift series for next year. Secret Street would add drifting practice before the AutoX portion starts, and once a month the event will be judged for points for competitors.

      Still in talks right now... but they're really interested.
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        finally the canadian drift scene is starting to come out lol i thought me and FDS dorkin were the noly ones ahaha awsome vid though


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          *crosses fingers* I'd drive up to Calgary from Edmonton every weekend (if it was every weekend) if you guys actually got that going. I wanted to come to the one this year but had JUST gotten my car.

          *crosses toes* Dear god please.

          **Edit: The first shot of rage2's car (with Junglematic driving) was cash money. Such good tire smoke.
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            i was gonna go but i got rear ended by someone like a week before...i had a AE86 with suspension set up it was so stiff like no body roll and then it got ruined by some 47 year old azn guy name Tony Hoi