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    driftfox, that is the first mustang ive ever liked. At all, ever.


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      hey driftfox what your suspension looking like, im currently saving up for a 94-95 gt. do you have aney suggestions for a start up like me when looking for the car and parts?
      also im realy dig'n the volks on your fox body they look good on eney car, and yours is very nice!
      oh and what tires are you useing?


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        zdss14, my suspension is coil-overs front and rear with a modified 4 link and lateral rod in back. I am working on a 3 link which will replace the two rear upper links (and will add an accompanying heavier rear coil springs and adj rear sway bar). I run on Kumho MX tires 235/40/18 and 265/35/18.

        I cannot make a specific suggestion to you because I don't know you or the car you will eventually buy, but in general make sure it is in good mechanical condidition first, then bring it out to the track and try to drift it. I can and have drifted a completely stock Mustang and it's not really that hard. Additionally, at first it's best to not modify the car's suspension until you know why you are modifying it, otherwise you will skip a valuable learning curve and make it that much harder to understand why your car behaves the way it does and how to change it's behaviour.
        A few areas of concern though is that the Mustang has very limited countersteer so if the car is just to have fun with, then it's amount of counter is sufficient with some good rear tires and a little understeer, but if your ultimate goal for the car is competition, then be prepared to do some exotic work like cut/weld spindles, swap racks, cut inner fender sheet metal and crossmembers, etc in order to gain competition level countersteer. My car had rack movement limiters that I removed and gained extra countersteer, but that was accompanied by replacement of the factory A-arms with tubular versions and reducing the offset to gain clearance when the wheel turns.

        All in all, the Mustang is a very good platform to drift. It has more than enough power stock, has a good base for a great suspension, lots of inexpensive aftermarket parts, lots of cheap replacement junkyard parts, and it's different than what everyone else is doing. Good luck when you get the car!


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          hey thanks alot drift fox. my ultimate goal is compitition, but not for a while, i also wont be buying parts for a while well because of money but thanks alot, and are your coilovers maximum motor sports?


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            Yes, they are from MM. They are the Koni DA kit with 400F/275R springs.