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  • Primer 86

    Did a bunch of body work to probably every panel except the back right fender... Anyways i plan on getting a paint job by the end of the year (a certain panda, sorry ID fans not takumi style) so i figured id save some money in a colorchange and do it myself since i was going to end up painting it anyways.

    about 16 cans of primer later this is the end result;

    Theres still some tape on the windows which is what that is, i was pulling it off as it started to rain (When i took the picture). In the rain it looks decent considering its just primer if you ask me (and it WAS black)

  • #2 paint it. Primer will absorb water and that quality Japanese steel will last about 2 minutes.

    How many coats of primer? How did you prep the surface before? I can see from here that your door doesn't line up with the fender for anything. Time for some more tweaking, but from what I can see it looks like it came out ok.

    You weren't the only person giving their rig the Krylon touch today. I had a little of that going on myself I'll get some pics...


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      Haha at least im not alone then.

      As for prep work i sanded it down to her original primer coat/down to the metal. then i cleaned it off as best i could and attacked it. As for how many coats, 2-3 in most areas. id do one, move on, and come back after its dried (its vegas, it dries FAST..that and i work slow) and gave another one. I did that for most areas and came back as needed for touch ups...

      biggest pain in the *Censored**Censored**Censored* was bugs.. they were drwan to my car (its kinda blinding in the sun honestly) i was paing and *splat*... riiight itno the paint... i flicked the bastard off then wated a good 1/4th a can from ebign pissed off on it... then laughed as it tried to fly away... ahh good times.

      But ya i def need some body work, im not so worried abo the fenders, as long as the door doesnt hit (like it does on the drivers side from time to time...) mostly is the front. The left light closes too much, the right light doesnt close enough. THen to top that the elft light has one stripped bolt so i cant adjust it, and if your facing the car it kinda sits at an angle, like this \ *sigh* she needs a good grand into her...


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        primer rawks!!! So what kinda panda coloring are you going to do???? I was hoping it would be primer black! :-D
        LOL my car has been primer black ( now greyish LOL ) for about 2 years now...the previous owner sprayed it over the stock paint yeah its going to cost alot to get it down to bare metal and than i spent all my money on my suspension LOL I plan on getting a paint job after xmas. prolly painting flat black.


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          Ill be doing the colors white/black or light silver/black, but the style i like is a bit different. Usually the biggest difference in panda schemes is how the frotn was taken care of, for me i like the white strip to continue all the way across, so the top part of my bumper will stay white, with the top half of to grill being black as well to keep the black strip going around aswell. Takumis for example stops at his lights the bumper.


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            Originally posted by SidewaysGts
            so the top part of my bumper will stay white, with the top half of to grill being black as well to keep the black strip going around aswell. Takumis for example stops at his lights the bumper.
            Takumis panda color scheme is what i like alot.....go with the white/black it uber cool yo!! or do like ueo(i thinks thats how it spelled) and have only the front and rear bumper black with the rest white


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              Not sure yet, ill either do 1 of three things.

              White/black panda in the style i mentioned, a LIGHT silver/black panda also in that style, or get it dont white (a real paint job haha). The more i look at it the more i love it solid white, kids see my car and go cuz its a "HACHI ROKU!" (i hate that name haha)

              adutls see it and go !! cuz its spray paint primer (that and theres tape still on it which is proving to be a *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* to get off, ill get some lighter fluid tonight i think