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88 rx 7 what do I do!!

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  • 88 rx 7 what do I do!!

    I have an 88 mazda RX7 that I have been tinkering with. I took out the mazda motor and drop a chev 350 in with lots of mods. It is putting out right around 415 hp and it is a 3 speed automatic. For the trans I have a rachet shifter and I am in the process of putting in a stall converter which should let the RPM's slip up like a clutch would.
    I want to know what are the some of the first steps you have to do to these cars to make them able to drift. Is there special suspension, tires, anything? I also want to know if I have an automatic will I be able to drift. Any imput would be helpful


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    first step: remove the motor that does and will not ever belong in an fc3s.

    second step: bolt in a 13bt


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      Why would you rape an fc like that...anyway...a manual transmission might be good... >_>


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        if your 350 isnt a ls1 all aluminum block your weight balance will be off.
        also use the t56 tranny since drifting with auto is possible but not as good as using a manual tranny.

        My friend uses a ls1 FC3S for formula D but i would rather stick with a 13bt for drift.

        you can drift with auto but dont expect more then power over drifts.
        Also you will need engine braking for off throttle drifting.(manual trans)

        you can use any type of suspention to drift but to be competitive you might want to go with a nice coilover system.

        Just check out the post below of building a FC drift cr.
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          Sure, you can drift that, but it's gonna be tough to get it set up perfectly.

          First, get it weighed so you can try to get an idea of how much weight you will have to shift to the rear or ballast the rear to get it to at least I'd say 57f/43r distribution. Of course 50/50 is ideal.

          Then drive it hard and figure out how much understeer you get and then research basic suspension tuning to address the issue accordingly. Sway bars are an easy, cheap, and quick solution if you can find them for your car. I'm not and rx7 expert but you'll probably want a thicker rear bar for starters.

          Good luck, be safe, and have fun!