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Auto-Supra drifting for dummies.

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  • Auto-Supra drifting for dummies.

    I can feel the snickers, and the "Stupid newb" comments before I even posted but.. w/e

    I wasnt going to put this in the tech session for obvious reasons, as this is not a tutorial its just what helped me out.

    No luck with my S12 on getting it running, and I have the need for speed that very much so needs to be quenched.. hearing people talk down on the Mk3 Supra's drifting potential I kinda shy'd away from the idea of drifting it especially since its a high mileage automatic. But temptation came a little strong last weekend.

    I found a nice abandoned ware house parking lot in a pretty deserted location a while back so I decided to go for it. I get to the parking lot and I jumped out of the car checked the whole thing for debris and tarmac flaws. I got all excited like I was about to have sex lol Jumped in the car drove slowly at first around the parking lot. Got to a corner of it spun around for a fairly big straight for a parking lot 50 cars or so of straight away before I would need to turn. I punched it with the throttle held down I swayed to the left, slightly let of the gas coming back to center on the wheel, completely let off and whipped it to the left, i felt the *Censored**Censored**Censored* slide and i balanced it out a little bit and just fainted it out a bit. Welll... Ehh ok redo... Lined back up, did the same thing again, only i didnt use any throttle on my sway out ~35MPH. Started to punch it at almost center, as soon as i got the *Censored**Censored**Censored* out, I mildly countered and I had a good 40' Sloppy as hell doughnut going on, but the front tires were slipping so it was drifting!

    The morale of this story is:
    -If you car is heavy, and auto, and underpowered you need.
    -Lots o Weight transfer.
    -Ebrake is just going to slow you down if you dont do it right.
    -Heavy throttle
    -Even more weight transfer.....

    Good luck!

    I want input, can anyone else drift their stock auto mk3?

    I suck right now. but it was fun!