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Camaro drift?

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  • Camaro drift?

    what would i have to do to a 86 z28 camaro to get it drift worthy
    im kind of car retarded but i learn quick
    and i started learning about it..

    i know so far that i need to increase the steering ratio
    and get a weight reduction..

    any help would be nice

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    Go to

    Search drifting.
    There's a ton of stuff there just lying around.
    Do not ask questions.


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      get some coilovers, dial it in, you're good. Assuming you have a factory LSD. If you're not sure, go outside, burn out. Look at tire tracks. Are there two of them? Then you have LSD. Is there only one? Then you dont i drift my 4th gen and its superb. When you start really competing you will need some other generic race stuff but a v8 rwd with lsd is head and shoulder above the rest, an adjustable suspension will be what closes the deal


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        The trick to drifting a car with a torque arm is the torque arm bushing. You need a soft bushing to allow some rear steer. Otherwise you will get oversteer snap-back on throttle lift. Funny, that is the reason most people dont drift a camaro. They cant figure out how to correct the snap back. The other thing is brake hop. But I am not going to give away all my secrets.


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          Originally posted by purpleDrifter View Post
          But I am not going to give away all my secrets.
          Trust me, no one is going to go out and buy a 1986 Camaro no matter how good of a drift car you can make it into.