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    Originally posted by Boostedrex
    Just a correction for your Mazda engine breakdown.

    12A - 1.2L carb'd twin rotor
    12AT - 1.2L carb'd twin rotor turbo
    13B - 1.3L EFI twin rotor
    13BT - 1.3L EFI twin rotor turbo
    13B-RE - 1.3L EFI twin rotor twin turbo
    13B-REW - 1.3L EFI twin rotor twin turbo
    20B - 2.0L EFI triple rotor twin turbo
    R26B - 2.6L EFI quad rotor

    Just in case you wanted a rotorheads point of view on the issue.

    what about the old rx's that came out with a 13b (not efi), i think the rx4.

    so not all 13b's are efi, thats what i was trying to say above.and the 12a turbo came with a computer (EFI)


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      Very nice guide. and the link to how stuff works is really going to help me out! I used that place for computer stuff but never thought about it when it came to autos. Thanks a ton!


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        Not a bad post, but isn't ASM Auto Stability Management?
        I could be wrong, or I could be right....


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          HMMMM. In the Toyota section, the Z isnt aways for supercharged. My Scion xB has a 1nz-fe and it isnt supercharged.....


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            i think it refers to everything after the dash. like 1zz-fe where its a fuel injected economy engine


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              i figured i just pop and say was up im not much into drifting i run touge up in the moutains "more fun" i drive 1987 300zx(z31 or fairlady which ever u prefer) i would just like to say that its cool that your helping the newbies but also consintrate on the safety features a car needs so you can drift and be safe. and for all the newbies when your learning dont do it on the roads or in the moutians at start get some friends and rent a track near buy and practice then. but becareful on the track insurance doesnt cover you. if you have any questions on touge you can contact me on yahoo im at z31expert. or post it on here and ill try to check it regulary.


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                whats STD stand for? doc told me i have it....