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  • Toyota Supra (older models)

    Hey guys,
    I'm new to drifting, but have had some experience, not much. But I was thinking about getting a serious drifting vehical, and I was just wondering, how do you think these supra's would run? And what year would be the best? I'm looking for the older models, such as 82-86 or a little newer.

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    I got one of those. It's an 1985 Celica Supra. I was thinking about just keeping that car for myself instaed of getting a 240 but i decided not to because i heard they were heavy cars. But i don't know you can get one if you want. I dint want the celi supra cuz we've had that ever since i was little and i really hated that car because of my own little personal issues with it. Thats why i got a 240sx.


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      Hey man,

      I got a 81 celica.

      First off just make sure its FR not FF 3rd generation they started bringing out FF (sooo g^y.)
      Anyways in answer to your question pros to the car is you can drift in them and they are cheap on parts and easy to work on cons are things like they are alittle heavy and you need to read one of the guys write ups on removing weight.

      Overall dude its a good choice and you'll save money so ya can spend them on tyres and a lsd (really important.)

      By the way i recommend around an 81 model. (My personal thingy)


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        supras were never FF nor were the celica supras.


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          Thats a Celica Supra. They made them from 78 to 86, in 86 the supra became a separate car. The best year to get is 85-86 because they had 160 hp (10 more than the model before). You could also look into celica gt or gts cos they were lighter but with less hp (105-115) which could be better for drifting. Anyway theyre ausome cars an as soon as i can afford to get a separate drift car im getting one.


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            I believe it is possible to get the weight down quite a bit... I believe the mk2 supra for your year is 1200 ish kilograms. However it is practical to get it down to around 1050-1100 kg's with no issues.

            so convert that to pounds and you're drifting with turbos oh yes... the later model supras 87ish to 92 are the heavy ones at 1600kg's


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              Hey nice supra, BTW the older model supra's look alot nicer
              than the newer RZ model.