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anybody using ats or cusco 1.5way lsd

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  • anybody using ats or cusco 1.5way lsd

    just wondering if anyone is using, has used, or heard anything about an ats 1.5 way, cusco mz or rs 1.5 way for drift and grip for a s13


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    ATS and Cusco are both excellent brands, and their clutch-type limited-slip differentials are no exception. I've heard nothing but good things about both. Your only way to decide between the two is price, because they really are good.

    However, Kaaz seems to have lower pricing and more availability. I've also heard nothing but great things about them, even if they are a bit loud.

    If you have your heart set on ATS or Cusco, I'd go ATS. I seem to hear more about ATS diffs than Cusco diffs. I know that when I'm ready to get rid of my helical, I'm going ATS Carbon 1.5-way.


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      do you know how much the kaaz 1.5 way is?

      i thought that you had to buy the two way and a special kit that was 180 dollars.

      thanks for your help. were can you get the ats carbon ones, i saw a website that had them for slae but i didnt see carbo 1.5 way


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        KAAZ 1.5-way retails for $860, Cusco RS 1.5-way retails for $1182.86. ATS Deftforce can be had for ~$1039.

        The ATS Carbon 1.5-way is very expensive at $1365.

        For the Kaaz, just search "KAAZ 1.5-way S13" on Google and see what prices come up. For the Cusco and ATS limited-slips, the best pricing I've seen is from Mid-Atlantic Motorsport at


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          cool, thanks alot


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            i have had a ATS LSD 1.5 in my car for about a year
            and its the greatest.