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so I bought a 240 right.....

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  • so I bought a 240 right.....

    I bought a 240sx from '90 that has a hole in the block. So I started off by going and picking up a replacement engine from a junkyard, complete with a tranny. I start looking at the engine and try to take the spark plug wires off and they break. Damn. I finally got the car because it had to be delivered, and the charcoal cylinder is missing and the cap off the master cylinder for the brake system. There are other little things that it's missing, but my main problem is getting out the spark ends that are sitting in the head. Oh, and most of the emissions stuff is missing, including the actual pipe that runs across the radiator (I guess you would call it the stock intake), and some important sensors. Still not a bad deal for $600 considering there isn't any body damage at all and it has after-market wheels.
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    so does anyone have any ideas on getting melted plug wires on of my ka's head?


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      maybe try to heat it up again then scrap it off....or a razor blade or freeze it evan....put your head in the freezer for a day then scrap it off....just a few ideas
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        hack em down short and pull out the plugs.


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          what does it matter you have a replacement motor go buy some from auto zone


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            yea I'm not even sure we're understanding what exactly the problem was.

            I was thinking the end of hte wires were stuck on the plugs, like the metal part inside the boot, and that when he went to pull the plugs the boots moved but the wires are still attached to the plug. Because of that I was thinking he should hack down the wires short enough so he can get a sparkplug tool over the stubs and just pull out and junk the plugs.

            I believe the problem is in his replacement motor not the current one.


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              F*ck a KA. By an SR. That'll solve your problems. If you're on a tight budget and can't, I really don't know how to get them off other than trying to take a chizzel and hammer to it. Lightly tap at it and see if they come off. Otherwise.. I dunno.