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  • intercooler question...

    hey guys and girls i have a question here it goes....

    I have a N/A 12A rotary and I was wondering what the results, if any, would be if i tried to put an intercooler onto it...V-mount perhaps..

    but note this i'm just brainstorming here

    any input would be greatly appreciated

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    you wouldny need an intercooler if its na. you intake temps wont be that hot so an intercooler would not be needed. i guess you could make one but i think it would hurt performance.


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      why is this in the buy and sale forum?... I'm assuming you're turboing the motor ifso are you gonna convert it to fuel injection(gonna need stand alone) or keep it carbed? You'll have to put a blow through type carb on it to accept the turbo. For the intercooler if you go front mount you'll get some pressure drop and the intercooler will block some of the air flow to the radiator so coolant upgrades are a must. If you go with a vmic you'll have to get custom brackets built for both the radiator and intercooler also you'll have to have vents for air to escape the engine bay, that way it won't act like a parachute in the front of your car. The radiator will prob. have to be modified to route the coolant hoses. Pros. to vmic, little to no pressure drop pending on size of intercooler and you get air flow to both the intercooler and radiator. Either way you're gonna have to get the piping custom bent for each type of intercooler setup


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        no i was going to keep it N/A that's why this is just brainstormin

        the reason i was thinking of this was because rotary temps get high


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          That make no sense. An intercooler cools the air from the compressor side of a turbo. When you compress air it heats up. The ambient air temp going through the fins on an intercooler bring down the temps of the air going into your motor. Therefor you can't get a charge colder than ambient air. So if you stick an intercooler onto your NA, you're sucking in air at 80*, and the air going through the intercooler is 80* is that going to boost your performance? It would be different if you had an intake temp of 120*(say...from a turbo...) and had 80* air passing through the intercooler.


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            i don't know that's why it was "brainstorming"


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              Upgrade your radiator instead.

              And if you feel like it, I think making a plate to go over the gap in the front of the engine bay is a good idea... I hear it helps push more air through the radiator and this lowers engine temps.

              If you have a open intake, make a box to go around it (with a heat-absorbing material and something reflective to keep heat out) to lower intake temps. You don't need to if you're using the stock air box.


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                also you'll have to have vents for air to escape the engine bay, that way it won't act like a parachute in the front of your car.
                Uhhhhhh...that's new...