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  • Mitsubishi 89 Starion

    Hey guys my friend has a Mitsubishi Starion Es Hatchback. It has half built engine but me and him are needing as much info about that car because i happen to stumble upon it when i was in his garage. the gear box everything is fine. Got any ideas for this project? id be a help. just anything would be fine. I just dont need to hear negativity cause im not askin for that. but if you got tips or opinions yeah the more the better.

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    These cars have...complications.

    There is a laundy list of things to look out for.

    try that.


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      See the Mitsu Starion is a cool car to drive with but project wise, there hasnt been any action to justify this car. All I here about the Starions is jus drag racing & keeping it nice. There is really any aftermarket parts for this car unless u did a custom jobs to it but overall, IMO the car is sweet but its a dud in the long run, good luck!


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        a dud in the long run

        they're cool, they're fast, they can be made much much faster.

        I'm not seeing the dud part...


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          Ill sell u mine for 1000


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            The "dud" part is theyre known to have reliability problems. They seem to end up in the shops a lot for this or that.

            Theyre pretty cool cars i must admit my friendh as oen (thinks its the best car on 4 wheels). But they do have their draw backs.

            Stock they make around 170 hp at aroudn 5000 rpms and like 220 poudns of torque at 2500 rpms on a turbocharged 2.6 liter engine. They also weigh in at aroudn 2800-2900 pounds.

            After market support in the suspension department isnt exactly the greatest either.

            Great cars when they run.. but theyre a bit heavy for what they are, and dont have a lot of after-market support.


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              Originally posted by Mr0d
              Ill sell u mine for 1000
              You got PM.

              SidewaysGTS...i didn't say it was easy, but they are cool, potentially fast, and an unusual car. I wouldn't regard it as a dud. A dud has no potential, this car has it in spades.

              I'd rock it.


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                As i said theyre good cars but they got their drawbacks