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raising back of hood w/ bushings ?

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  • raising back of hood w/ bushings ?

    where do you put the bushings for the back of your hood to be raised up a little bit?

    there are 2 different spots that seems it could work and i am just wondering wich one you guys did, was it under the part that is between the hood and body that conects it to the body or the part that conects it to the hood?

    so basically all i am asking is wich side of the hood/body conecter you placed the bushings?

    what size bushings did you use? Did you use the same for front and back?

    my dads friend and i have been putting back together the top half of my engine from my blown headgasket and i keep looking at it and wonder about it and it is really starting to bug me.

    sorry, 1 more question, for those of you with electric fans i am about to put on my new koyo radiator and electric fans, so did you keep the stock big fan shroud or not? i dont think it is needed but i just want to make shure.

    thanks alot!

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    Put the spacers between the hood bracket and the hood. My front spacer is ~.4" and the rear is ~.75".

    Don't worry about the stock shroud. Every dual-fan setup I've seen has not utilized it.


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      cool, thanks alot


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        what kind of bushings did you guys use to raise the back end of the hood? and where do you get them?


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          i think i am going to use some rubber type bushings from a hardware store. i am going to go check today hopefully if i get me car back together and i will let you guys know what the parts are called excately


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            just use washers on the back of the hood. why youd want them on the front i dont know, unless you wanna look like your car has been in 30 major accidents. putting spacers on teh back of the hood lets the air escape and supposedly gets better cooling. the air comes in thru the bumper /grilles already, you dont need to raise the front the hood up.

            and just use regular old washers on the 4 bolts (2 each side) on the hood hinges.


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              i would also reccomend not raising the hood above the hood hooks. That way in an front end collision, your hood wont go flying through your windshield leading to your decapitation.


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                were only talking about raising the rear, notmthe front.

                there are two bolts for the rear, one front and one rear


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                  Yup, you got it.


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                    id you have to get longer screws gridrace?


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                      Probably... I bought the car with the hood lift already performed.


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                        ok, thanks


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                          did you use metal spacers or bushings gridrace?
                          also what is the approximate diameter of your spacers/bushings?

                          i think this is going to be mostly trail and error but any info will help,


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                            Lemme see if I can measure tomorrow. Heck, it's not like I'm on a time crunch... I'll take a couple pics.