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S14 Manual Conversion?

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  • S14 Manual Conversion?

    ive posted this before, and never got a straight answer.
    Can you buy an auto s14 and do a manual conversion while swapping in an sr20 or RB25 or do u have to do the manual conversion on the stock KA first??

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    You don't have to make it 5 speed with the ka still in place. Swap it when you are swapping the motor out, it'll be easier. Or just get a manual sr or rb to make life easier.


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      ok, but what kind of parts will i need with the SR or RB, should i just buy separately the clutch pedal, and all that other stuff, cause i doubt any front clip kit comes with it all. and if so, what stuff will i need, please list all of it if you know


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        Actually most front clips do come with everything and if you going to buy just the motor just get a tranny to go along with it so you can save alot of hassel.


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          Clutch Pedal and Brake Pedal with brackets

          Local Junkyard or

          Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder

          New or parts store

          Hard Brake Line from Master Cylinder

          Local Nissan Dealer to save shipping, or make your own out of brake line with a flaring tool kit.

          Rubber Brake line to Slave Cylinder

          New or parts store
          Upper and Lower shifter boots New or make custom
          Interior Dash trim Local Junkyard or

          Driveshaft with carrier bearing bracket

          Intimidating as this seems, the conversion from automatic transmission to 5-speed manual is not that difficult. Replace the auto brake pedal and add the clutch pedal – both bolt right in.

          Cut a hole for the Master Cylinder and attach it to the firewall and clutch pedal, then run the hard line across the engine bay and down to the slave cylinder. You can eliminate the ‘bleeder block' or distribution block bolted to the frame rail with no ill effects. Bolt the slave cylinder to the transmission, and bleed the hydraulic system thoroughly. Remove the automatic shifter, and replace the trim piece with the 5-speed version with a boot.

          Electrically, you need to disable the ignition key capture system by removing the steering column lower cover and simply unplugging the module. In the engine bay, one plug from the car main fusebox has two thick wires that have to be connected for the starter to work. It is plugged into a 2-wire harness section that runs down to the auto transmission.

          Local Junkyard or
          more info to the they got it on there


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            errrmm i have done this before sr20 AT to MT so i might be able to help a lil' here (Nissan S14 VTC):-

            1) S14 Gearbox (make sure comes with manual GB mounts located in the middle of your gearbox cause auto ones do not fit) S13 and S14 speed sensors it's not the same you need to rewire it if you're running S13 GB on S14 motor.
            2) Manual Prop shafts with brackets (good ones or you'll get vibration thats not good when you're driving all day long)
            3) CLutch pump and clutch padle (some other linking hoses from clutch pump to the other pump on your GB, or you can customise it)
            4) Manual Gearbox Plate
            5) Complete Clutch Set with Nuts and bolts especially bolts for your flywheel to your engine section (auto bolts are slightly shorter)
            6) they say starter is different but i'm not too sure.
            7) you need to bypass a few wires to make it run, i believe stannyboy has mention that

            hope there are nothing else


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              k, thanks guys