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  • more s15 conversion guidance...

    hey everyone, yes i know theres been a million s15 conversion questions, and yes ive searched for my question, but my situation differs from other questions that have been asked. Some dumbass backed into my s14 in a parking lot and messed up my whole front end, thats wen i decided to the conversion in the first place. I already have everything for the conversion. But, my core support is bent back though, meaning i would need to get it replaced. After researching, there is no oem core support or aftermarket one so my only choice was the nissan factory COMPLETE core support that runs for 407. Then i found the s15 core support for about 370 shipped, but i do not know if that comes with everything a COMPLETE 95 240sx core support would come with. The only problem with the s15 core support is that i dont think it comes with a hood latch or lock, which i would need because my old on from my core support is bent in half. So...if someone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appeciated =D